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I don't think pulling Iraq into this problem is necessarily the way to go with this. Call me niave, but America needs to fix its infastructure and fight evil where it can.
I disagree. IMO, fixing our infrastructure should be a priority- and not put on the back burner just because the military-industrial complex has control of our govt.
Fighting evil wherever we can is a noble goal- but not very practical....or realistic, considering our deficit and debt level.
It's unbelievable to me that apparently bridges are still "inspected" in this country with binoculers and hammers........while the defense dept, spends billions on the very latest technological gimmickry and innovations!
A country that lets it's infrastructure decay and crumble while the folks at the top get richer and richer will not be a leader in any sense of the word....or able to "fight evil" anywhere.
What's been happening in the past three decades is that money is slowly being sifted to the top........while the great bulk of the country goes wanting. This doesn't bode well for anyone's future.
We won't be the greatest country in the world if we can't even manage to make our bridges and highways safe. There is a limited amount of revenue- and every dollar that's put in a contrator's pocket in Iraq is NOT put into our FUTURE- our infrastructure right here at home.