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Thread: It's August 1st - where is the summer going?

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    Re: It's August 1st - where is the summer going?

    Its hot here too. Its 94 now. I believe it got up to 98

    today. Hasn't cooled down too much. I did water my

    little garden. It looks so bad and the grass is turning

    brown in some places. No rain in sight for us. We

    can't sat outside at night either. Those pesty mosquiters

    love my blood.

    Take care and stay cool!!!! CJ
    Have a great day!

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    Post Re: It's August 1st - where is the summer going?

    Agreed Eldri, the summer has skittered by so quickly I feel like I'm hardly having time to enjoy it before the wild turkeys decide Fall is in the air and decide to line up for their yearly invasion of our gardens. What's left of them that is. Having one of our hottest, driest summers on record here has caused most of my planets to take one last peek around, pack up their little blossoms, curl their leafs and go underground. Sad! Pitiful! Poor me!

    Crikey! You still have years and YEARS of baseball, football, etc. ahead of you courtesey of Marsh. While I'm happily rocking in my chair with a shawl around me, crocheting linens.......ok, I don't crochet and haven't any idea what that would have to do with'll still be hearing the blare of half-time buzzers blasting your eardrums out. LOL! Oh my, what a visual I just conjured up for myself!

    Glad you're hanging around and posting. Now, work on rousting some of our friends out of hybernation to come play, will ya?

    Ta ta! Kay

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    Post Re: It's August 1st - where is the summer going?

    Tis true, I have a few years left to enjoy cheering for our baby. He started football last Monday. They practice from 2:30 until "supposedly" 5:30 but it's been 6 or 6:15 before they get done because SOME people are not in condition like they're supposed to be. I asked him who the SOME people were and he said he didn't even bother to turn around and look - he just kept running. They called a voluntarily practice for the freshmen on Saturday. Out of 61 boys, 8 showed up. Guess everybody's butt was really dragging but not the Energizier Bunny aka Marshall Z. We watched him and he was running up and down the field like some kind of NUT! If I was him I'd be dead or at least ready for my place at the "home." Steve bought him his own weight set so now he's pumping iron in the basement. When they measured him he was 6' tall and weighed 165. They also told him he needed to shave!!! He has this scraggily beard that I told him looked awful so yesterday afternoon he shaved it off. Where has my baby gone?

    Most of my annuals are DOA. I've nursed along a few of my pots to keep them looking nice but other than that it's pretty sad looking around here. We're in a moderate drought area but I think my yard is in the severe catagory. It's embarassing to admit we own a landscape company . I guess I'll just have to run around town with a bag on my head.

    Reading anything good Kay?? I read the new Stephanie Plum book and thought it was as good as any of them. I laughed out loud a couple of times so that's a good sign. I'm reading Nixon and Kissinger and Real Boys (to understand how boys think since I've never been one). I'm also reading the new Monk book too. Plus I have magazines up the wazoo here too. I think my Newsweeks go back to the 2004 election - who won???? I'm working my way through them and I'm not going to peek.

    Maybe we'll have to email the gang and tell them to come visit us. When my old computer crashed I had a heck of a time finding this place again. Maybe they're all lost in cyberspace too. Start one of your hillarious "bring everybody up-to-date" emails. Were you on your Harley out in Sturgis??

    My little Marshall

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    Post Re: It's August 1st - where is the summer going?

    I'm here, I'm here!

    Say it isn't so! 6 feet!!! Shaving!!! Where has that little boy gone? He'll be a GB Packer yet! Dry there? Been wet here - so much rain and humidity. I'll send some up there.

    Dgd is 3 already seems like she was just born. We're sooo enjoying having her close by.

    Enjoy those hs years with Marsh. They go by so quickly.


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    Post Re: It's August 1st - where is the summer going?

    THREE???? Nooo, I can't believe it. OMG, where does the time go??

    I've noticed on the news that all the rain keeps going south of us kind of toward......Chicagoland. Apparently, you folks know a more powerful rain dance than what we do up here. It's so dry here it's sad. Everything is so parched. They're asking people to water the boulevard trees because they're under such stress.

    Hey, I like your "queen" icon. I'll have to find one for myself. Yeah, I think this one fits me just fine - LOL.

    My little Marshall


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