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Thread: SPOILERS: Deaths & Epilouge Rant

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    Re: SPOILERS: Deaths & Epilouge Rant

    He did start to notice her say to speak in book 6. I don't know what it is. I just see them as a better match. I guess thinking of Harry with Ron's little sister is kinda gross to me.

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    Re: SPOILERS: Deaths & Epilouge Rant

    i would have liked more info in the epilogue too. however with that said, it would probably be too long if JKR had included all the details that we want.
    as for harry's godson, harry would have been kind of young to be taking care of him so soon after remus and tonks died.

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    Post Re: SPOILERS: Deaths & Epilouge Rant

    It had to be Ron and Hermione. If Rowling paired up Harry and Hermoine, there would have been no one to pair Ron with. I think the major purpose of the Ginny Weasley character was to provide a love interest for Harry.
    I think the epilogue was brief because somewhere, in the corner of her mind, Rowling is considering writing about these characters again.

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    Re: SPOILERS: Deaths & Epilouge Rant

    Yes I agree. Ron and Hermione are and should be the couple. I think anyone with the talent Rowling has would be aprehensive about ending this spectacular series.


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