Luis watches Sheridan tossing in a fitful sleep. He is plainly worried as Sam stops by to get statements from both Sheridan and Luis, but Luis tells Sam that Sheridan has had a restless night and is still sleeping . Suddenly, Sheridan cries out in her sleep and both Luis and Sam rush into her bedroom. Luis tries to comfort and calm her. After witnessing Luis in action being so caring about Sheridan, Sam asks Luis if this is more than a job. He is worried that Luis is becoming too involved with a Crane. Once Sheridan appears calm again, the men go back into the living room and Sam leaves. Sheridan awakes and heads to the living room. Sheridan has coffee and talks with Luis about the happenings of the night before. Sheridan gets dressed as Luis puts breakfast on the table for Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan have breakfast, talk, and enjoy each other's company...until Sheridan sees the newspaper with the story of what happened last night at the warehouse including a picture of Les. Sheridan is upset by the memory and runs to the bedroom. She is freightened by her memories and by what she can't remember. She breaks down crying and crumbles in a heap on the floor. Luis rushes to comfort her, telling her that she needs to figure out a way to remember what she has hidden her memory so she had rid herself of the demons. Sheridan is too freightened to find remember and says that she can't do this alone. Luis tells her that he will be with her every step of the way and that if he had to bet on who would win that battle...Sheridan or the demons, he would bet on Sheridan. They were sitting with Luis holding and comforting Sheridan like this when Pilar once again walked into Sheridan's bedroom and interrupted another beautiful, tender and very touching Shuis scene.