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Thread: SHUIS picture of the day..........

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    Post Re: Shuis Appreciation Thread............

    Thanks, Ann. What a beautiful couple!

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    Re: Shuis Appreciation Thread............

    Thanks for posting these awesome pictures everyday, Ann. I look forward to seeing them each and everyday.

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    Smile Tuesday's Totally hot SHUIS pictures........

    are of Sheridan's locker room fantasy. This was one of the hottest fantasies I have seen on daytime. A naked Luis walks out into the locker room to an amazed and speechless Sheridan's pleasure. Luis tells her how he is tired of fighting his feelings for her and he knows that she feels the same way. The way he looks at her would melt an iceberg, but then he swoops in for the most sensual kiss and keeps on kissing Sheridan ...until she is woken from her dream by Gwen. Gwen and Sam were always interrupting something good for Shuis! LOL!

    Note: In interviews, we have heard them talk about shooting those scenes and how they would giggle about Galen having to wear those "weiner" pants to make it look like he was nude. LOL! Galen said that was one of him most embarassing moments but that was very early in his acting career. I am sure there have been plenty more since then.

    Talk about HOT...this is it!!!


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    Thumbs up Re: Tuesday's Totally hot SHUIS pictures........

    Now that is what I call HOT AND SENSUAL pictures!!
    Thanks for posting

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    Re: Tuesday's Totally hot SHUIS pictures........

    Those scenes were so hot! Shuis fans could tell this was just the beginning of Shuis magic. Thanks for posting, Ann.

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    Smile Wednesday's Wickedly Funny SHUIS picture

    is of Sheridan seeing Luis naked in the locker room of the Youth Center. Dumplin asked last night about clips of the locker room fantasy and I didn't find any of those on the net but I did find a clip of the time that Sheridan accidentally walked into the men's locker room, which didn't have a sign on the door at the time) and saw Luis getting out of the shower and without his towel yet. Her eyes bugged out and she dropped her coffee after seeing that gorgeous man in all his glory. LOL! Cute scenes when they with all of their cute banter.

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    Post Re: Wednesday's Wickedly Funny SHUIS picture

    I loved those scenes, what a lucky girl Sheridan was, huh?

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    Post Re: Wednesday's Wickedly Funny SHUIS picture

    Now this is when Passions was worth watching.
    Thanks Ann.


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