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    Don't assume that you'll get another kiss goodbye,
    after the one you give this morning.
    Make it count.
    Don't assume that when you give someone a big, squeezy hug, you will get another chance.
    Make it count.
    Don't assume that you can say "I love you" time.
    There may not be a next time.
    Don't assume, that you will get back in touch will all those people that you don't call, email, or communicate with anymore.
    You may not get the chance to re-kindle those relationships.
    Don't assume you will get a "someday".
    Somedays are not guaranteed.
    Live in the now.
    Remember what's important,
    most of all,
    don't assume.

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    This is so true. I still am upset with myself that I did not call my Mother the day she passed away...I would always call her every other day thru out the week, just to talk about funny stuff or what was going on in the world, but I got 'busy" and didnt call her that day. It makes me sad to think about it.

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    Re: Don't Assume

    Very very true mtj, we can not assume. This made me think of the last time I seen some of my loved ones alive. My Dad had come to visit me one sunny afternoon. He hardly ever came to visit during the day because of all my babysitting kids. At the time I have 13 kids counting my own to watch. We sat on the front porch and laughed at the kids playing. As he left I yelled I love you Dad. I watched his car out of site, something I never did. A few days later I walked into his house to find him dead at his dining room table (heart attack). That sunny afternoon flashed in my mind as I looked at him.
    My cousin had come to visit a few months before she died, she lived 2 hours north of me. It had been a nice weekend, no snow or ice, so she decided to come visit. I will never forget our last hug, it was a big old squeezy one.
    Our next minute is not guaranteed, mtj you are so in the now.


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