I had a very stressful event happen in my life then two weeks later; I woke up one morning and could not walk. My joints were so sore and swollen. I had no clue what was wrong! I spent the next 3 years going to the doctors, having every test possible only to have them tell me they didn't know what was wrong. I do not have the butterfly rash on my face; therefore, it was not that obvious. I had unexplained fevers and extreme fatigue. It was not until my allergist found something in my blood work and flagged my doctor that I could have Lupus...Lupus? What the heck is that? I researched in my medical book which happened to be ancient but gave me quite a scare. I went through a couple of rheumatologist until I found The Lupus Center of Excellence at Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh PA. There is also a research lab there that I try and fund-raise for. I am owner/designer of my jewelry company called SimplyStrungTogether.com. There you will be able to find a blue crystal bracelet with a blue crystal butterfly. If purchased, 50% of profits will go to the research center in hopes of a cure. I also am a Co-facilitator for a Lupus Support group here in Greensburg, PA where one of our goals is to update our libraries with current books about Lupus because while it is a serious disease, it does not need to be a death sentence. Will write again…take care Lupus Buddies!