This is my first time posting; I am grateful for this site. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago. It has been a long road and I have grown so much. I saw a person promoting a book about healing yourself of Lupus and using a holistic way of life. While I believe that every effort should be made to eat right and live organically as possible, a Lupus patient needs to be very, very careful of what they put into their body. There are many herbs that are extremely toxic and hard on the liver when mixed with the medications we are on. I was taking a natural herb that was to help my hot flashes…turns out it was very toxic when mixed with Methotrexate! I had major problems…so please be very careful. Do your homework and ask questions; talk to your doctors. This type of format is an excellent source of information; use it.
I am a Co-facilitator of a Lupus Support Group in Greensburg, PA. My doctors are The Lupus Center of Excellence at McGee Women's Hospital in which there is a research lab there as well. I am also a jewelry designer in which I give 50% of net profits to the research center when a Lupus bracelet is purchased. The bracelet is blue crystals with the signature butterfly crystal and sterling clasp. You can go to my website at should you be interested in taking part of this fundraising for the research of a cure. I will be posting again…God bless you my Lupus Buddies!