Add yourself to the Simplify Media "friends" registry.

Just reply to this thread with a subject line that looks like this:
Simplify Username : approx # of songs : hours up : featured genres.
FYI: Simplify Media is a really easy way to (legally!) share your music collection with up to 30 other "friends" -- and vice versa.

It's simple to set up and you can get access to literally tens of thousands of songs free!

There's also an app for iPhone/iPod Touch too so that you can search and listen your entire library and not just what will fit on your iPod. (As of version 2.0, you can now search all of your shared libraries!)

Once you're on Simplify, come add yourself to this registry and "invite" the other people you see here to share with you.

Try to have song ID tags up to date and clean. (With access to many thousands of songs, genre suddenly becomes very important. ;-)

Put extended info about your collection in the body of the note.

Subscribe to this thread here, so you'll receive a notice when a new friend is added.