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Thread: I know you love me

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    Ch. 24
    Ethan and Luis set out to look for Rebecca with no luck. They searched for hours until almost dark. They figured they would set out in the morning again. Ethan wanted to see Theresa so he went to the hospital and Luis went home
    T: No luck
    E: no seems like I will have to call gwen in the morning to see if maybe she would have a clue.
    T: That might be your best bet
    E: So it seems we have a wedding to plan
    Just then his cell phone rang.
    E: Hello
    H: Ethan its Hank. I am taking Gwen to the hospital. She is having bad cramps.
    E: What?
    H: I don't know. It just came on all of a sudden
    He could hear Gwen screaming in pain.
    E: How close are you
    H: Ten minutes away
    E: I will meet you in front
    he hung up
    T: Whats going on
    E: Seems something is wrong with the baby. Gwen is in a lot of pain. i got to go to the front in about ten minutes
    T: I think you should I am fine
    E: i know you are.
    Ten minutes later Gwen was rushed in Ethan was waiting. They got her in a room and got the pain to stop and checked the baby which was still fine but still needed to do some tests.
    G: Ethan go back to Theresa hank is here with me
    E: This is my child too. I want to make sure the baby is ok
    H: i need to make some calls i need to step out. Let him stay.
    He kissed her and left. gwen looked at the wall
    E: So how you feeling now
    G: Pretty good i swear I am
    E: I never said you were lying
    G: i know Ethan but you always think I am doing something wrong
    E: look I am sorry we are going to try to not let you go to jail. Theresa and I both
    G: Well thanks. All I want to do is be with Hank and care for our baby
    E: I know we can work out some kind of arrangement. Look do you know where your mother could be at all? Luis and I searched forever
    G: Ethan your kidding me right? I am in here fighting for our child and all you care about is putting my mother behind bars?
    E: ok it was wrong of me to ask
    G: Your right it is
    Then the dr came in
    G: So whats wrong with my baby
    Dr; Gwen i think your farther along then we thought
    G: What are you telling me
    Dr; That it was fake labor.
    G: Are you kidding me
    E: how far along is she
    Dr: I say she has about 2-3 weeks before that baby is born. I don't want her getting upset or anything
    G: I have court I have to go to really soon
    Dr: Can you go and not get upset
    G: I could do it
    Dr: Thats all I ask. I don't i want to have to do an emergency c section
    E: We will make sure she is calm
    Dr: ok
    The dr left.
    E: Well we are going to be having a baby sooner rather than later
    G: yea its fine with me. When Hank gets back I will have him sign some release forms
    Ethan left and went back to Theresa
    T: hey find anything out
    E: no except that we are going to have the baby in about 2-3 weeks the dr got the due date wrong
    T: Wow thats great and i got some news I can go home as well.
    E: Thats great. Luis and I need to search again
    T: mama can come and get me
    E: i will come and see you later tonight
    T: Sounds good
    He kissed her and left
    L: I think i got a lead
    E: yea
    L: Yea i got a call from a good source so i think its a good one
    They found Rebecca hiding out and called the cops and got her arrested. Luis went to see Sheridan and Ethan went to Theresa's.
    E: We found her
    T: you did
    E: Yea she is arrested and taken in for questioning.
    T; good
    Just then Little Ethan came in and they talked and then Pilar came in to take him
    E: When did he get here
    T: Not that long ago. He is going to be here for awhile now that i am home
    Ethan sat next to her on the bed
    E: How you feeling?
    T: good now that i am home and you are here
    He kissed her.
    T: Well what was that all about
    E: I missed you and you are home
    She kissed him then.
    E: is it ok?
    T: Yes but not if you don't
    E: He closed the door and locked it
    T: Its been too long
    E: I agree things should start going right now.
    T: I agree. Just kiss me
    he kissed her and they made love for hours. They were starting over. All new and fresh that was forever

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    The next morning Ethan went to the jail to visit Rebecca
    R: Ethan what the heck do you think putting me in here?
    E: hmm let me see you pushed a shelf on Theresa
    R: She deserved it
    E: What for?
    R: Stealing you from my daughter
    E: Gwen doesn't even want me anymore. You talked to her you should know
    R: Did you forget that you two are having a baby together?
    E: Yes she wants to be with hank and Theresa and I have decided we are going to try and not let her go to jail so she can raise our baby. You on the other hand won't be getting out of jail
    Just then Hank and gwen walked in
    E: Gwen what are you doing here
    G: I wanted to make sure my mother was getting the right punishment
    R: Gwen what are you talking about
    G: I want to be with Hank. Not Ethan and I feel bad for Theresa i am sorry with what i did to her. I can see they belong together like I belong with Hank.
    R: Gwen that baby has made you different.
    G: No mom I grew up.
    E: She will be in here unless you want to testify for her
    G: Let her rot
    Gwen, Hank, and Ethan walked to the front to leave
    E: How are you feeling
    G: Good.
    E: Good I will not let you go to jail. You have changed and I am sure the judge will see the same
    She gave Ethan a hug
    G: Thank you
    E: So you still don't know what were having
    G: not yet. So how is Theresa?
    E: Well the good thing is she won't have to be in a wheelchair once she gets out of bed
    G: I am so glad.
    Gwen and Hank went home and Ethan went to see Theresa
    T: I hope that gwen doesn't have to go to jail do you think she has a chance
    E: I don't know I need to go to the office so that i can figure it out
    T: Alright see you later
    He gave her a kiss and went to the office. Ethan looked over papers he had. Gwen's chances didn't look good. It also depended on the judge. The day finally arrived. Ethan met Gwen and hank at the door
    E: Are you ready?
    G: Yea i am
    E: Are you ok
    G: My back hurts bad today but lets just get this done
    Ethan represented gwen and after about two hours the judge took in all that they had said and decided she had changed and let her go.
    G: Ethan thank you so much
    E You are welcome
    G: I think its time though
    E: Are you sure
    G: Yes i am
    They went to the hospital and indeed it was time. Two hours later Gwen had a baby girl. hank gave then a little time by themselves he didn't have to watch Gwen anymore. He was going to tell her goodbye after.
    E: What should we name her
    G: What do u think
    E: I like Ashley
    G: That sounds good.
    E: She is beautiful like her mother
    E: Thanks Ethan
    Ethan stayed for a half an hour and left. The Hank came in
    G: There you are. You didn't have to leave
    H: Well I guess I don't have to watch you anymore
    G: Not by law. I have that big house to myself. Hank lets get married and raise the baby together.
    H: Gwen I can't
    G: What do you mean you can't? You can do whatever you want too
    H: Gwen my assignment is over with you
    G: Hank I told you that I loved you and I meant it. Do you not love me anymore?
    H: Yes I do
    G: So whats the problem
    H: Nothing I guess.
    G: Come on hank move in with me and lets get married later on and have our own family
    H: I could deal with that. Its just everything is going to be different
    G: It will be but everything will be fine.
    Ethan was at Theresa's
    T: How is gwen and the baby
    E: Fine
    T: good
    E: I have a surprise for you
    T: Whats that
    E: I am going to get us a house and we can get married next month
    They ended up getting married having 4 kids. Gwen and ethan traded the baby off and on. Hank and gwen got married and had 2 kids. Rebecca stayed in jail.


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