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    Ch. 8
    As soon as Theresa got up she reached for the phone and called Ethan straight to voicemail. She hung up the phone. She got in her wheelchair and called to Little Ethan. He came upstairs. Then she got dressed and called downstairs to Luis. He came upstairs brought her downstairs and broguht her wheelchair downstairs and put her in it. She called Ethan's cell again. It went to voicemail. She sat around and couldn't wait any longer. She called Whitney and she came over.
    W: ok Theresa whats up
    T: Well I kind of said something to Ethan that i shouldn't have and he won't answer his phone its bothering me. Can you take me over there
    W: Yea sure
    Luis put Theresa in Whitneys car and they drove to Ethan's
    Ethan had drank himself silly. Thank god his mother had found him. Gwen had come over since she hadn't seen him and she was taking care of him with Ivy.
    G: Ethan its Gwen
    E: Gwen
    G: Yea its me. How are you?
    E: I don't know i don't feel well
    G: Well you shouldn't. You drank a lot today. Eve said you should be fine but to take it easy
    The doorbell rang
    I: I will get that
    There was Theresa in her wheelchair. Whitney was in the car
    I: What do you want
    T: Is Ethan here i have been calling and calling
    I: Well you are the one that led him to get alchol poising.
    T: What
    I: yea he thought you were so upset that he drank so much he got poising
    T: Is he ok
    I: he will be. You stay away from him
    T: Tell him i am sorry. Please
    Then she saw Gwen
    T: What is she doing here
    I: She came here to see Ethan she is a friend of the family and she will be here if she wants
    T: Why because she is rich
    I: That has nothing to do with it but she didn't lead Ethan to drink thats for sure
    T: Please
    G: Go home Theresa you don't need to be here
    T: I could say the same for you
    G: Just go
    T: Gwen you don't need to be in the converstation. You have no right...
    I: Theresa go before i call security
    Whitney saw it getting out of hand.
    W: Come on Theresa
    T: Whitney no I...
    W: come lets go home you can talk to him later. She wheeled Theresa around and got her in the car. Once they got home she got Theresa into the house. Little Ethan was with a friend so they could talk
    T: i can't believe Gwen was there and that Ethan drank
    W: Ethan is a big boy this wasn't your fault
    T: it seems like it.
    W: Gwen and Ivy want you to think that
    T: you are probably right
    W: Ethan loves you i wouldn't worry about it. He doesn't love gwen.
    They talked for almost the whole afternoon. At the mansion.
    E: Where is Theresa
    G: I don't know
    E: Thats weird i thought she would be here
    G: Nope but I am
    E: Gwen i know that you care for me but we are not a couple
    G: I can't care about and care for a friend
    E: Oh you can and i do appreciate it
    G: Good now drink some water
    Ethan did as he was told
    G: I didn't hear from you in awhile
    E: Well i can say its good to see you
    G: You too. I miss seeing you and having lunch together
    E: Well maybe we could make some lunch dates as friends
    G: yea i would love that
    E: could i have my cell i need to call Theresa
    G: No you may not you need to rest
    E: Gwen
    G: Ethan i am following what Eve said
    E: so she told you and my mom I wasn't allowed to use my phone. Its not like i am asking to go to the office
    G: She said rest and relaxation. Oh I am going to the office and doing some work for you so you can rest
    E: Thanks i appreciate that
    G: That is why i am leaving to do some work. Now sleep and no talking on your cell
    E: Fine
    G: I will be back later to check on you
    She left and went into the living room
    G: make sure he doesn't get on his phone
    I: Alright i was gong to do that
    G: He asked about Theresa but i told him she didn't stop by
    I: good
    G: Alright i am going to his office to work for a little while i will be back soon
    Gwen pulled her car out of the garage and went to the office. She was going to get Ethan back

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    Ch. 9
    Theresa wasn't one to give up. If she wanted something she was bound and determined to get it. Theresa called whitney and had her come over
    T: I need you to drive me over to the mansion'
    W: To cause problems
    T: no just to see if Gwen is there
    W: Ok
    At the mansion. Gwen did indeed spend the night. When Ethan woke up he was surprised to see gwen beside him
    E: Gwen what are you doing in my bed
    G: I wanted to make sure you were ok
    E: yes you should of at least asked if it was ok to sleep beside me
    G: I thought it would be
    Gwen was in a lacy see through night gown. She had always wore stuff like that when they were dating. She was rich and could afford things like that. She pushed the covers back to show off her night gown.
    E: Gwen
    He took a deep breath and let it back out. She looked so good. It had been awhile since he had made love to anyone.
    G: Ethan i am here and i want to take care of your every need.
    He cleared his throat and she kissed him.
    G: I missed you so much
    She told him that between kisses. He kissed her back. she got ontop of him. She knew right where to kiss him. He started to kiss her hungarily. He finally pushed her away
    E: No
    G: I can tell you liked it.
    E: yea who wouldn't but i have a girlfriend
    G: That doesn't matter you could have me
    E: I did
    G: Thats cold
    She got up and got dressed and went to his office to work for him. Whitney and Theresa watched her leave. Ivy hadn't left so Theresa had an idea. She had Whitney wheel her around back. Theresa was a thing she used to climb when she used to sneak over when they were friends.
    W: Theresa you can't climb that you can't even walk
    T: i know and it will hurt but i need to know whats going on. Stay out of sight
    Whitney watched Theresa pull herself up the little fence thing. She didn't use her legs she used her arms. She knew Theresa was stubborn this was crazy. Theresa pulled herself up there and got to the window and lightly tapped on it. She saw Ethan see her and run to the window
    E: What are you doing are you crazy?
    T: I needed too see you. I called and called and no answer are you ok
    He pulled Theresa in and saw Whitney and waved to her
    E: Why didn't you just come in the front door
    T: Well the last time i did your mother yelled at me because i caused you to drink and Gwen was here what was she doing here
    E: well she is working for me since i got alchol poising. It was stupid i know
    T: Yea good thing is i think i can walk now
    E: Well probbaly not since you just pulled yourself up
    T: yea thats true
    They visited for a couple more minutes and he sent her down the pipe. Before she went she asked him something
    T: Are you getting rid of gwen tonight
    E: yea i will once she gets here i will tell her to leave
    T: I hope so
    E: I will
    She kissed him and left. She went home and waited until tomorrow for him to call. gwen came home late
    E: So Theresa came to see me when i was sick
    G: Listen your mom and I thought it would be good not to see her since she made you drink
    E: No i decided to drink that was my choice not hers. She didn't hold and bottle and a gun to me and tell me to drink. How dare you hide that she came to see me. I am disgusted. Leave I am well enough to go to work
    G: I think you should take it easy
    E: i said get out
    Ivy then came up the stairs
    I: What is going on
    E: How dare you hide the fact Theresa came to see me
    I: Ethan she made you drink
    E: No she didn't it was my choice you both digust me. Gwen leave mother get out of my sight
    They both respected his wishes for now. Gwen would be back. He would realize it was her he wanted not Theresa

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    Theresa got up and ready and her brother got her downstairs and she waited for Ethan to call. The doorbell rang and she wheeled herself to the door it was her ex husband.
    T: What are you doing here
    N: I came to get my son its been a week
    T: Right. Little Ethan your dad is here
    He came down the stairs
    LE: Daddy
    N: Hey bud you ready
    LE: yep
    N: Give your mom and hug and kiss
    He gave her a kiss and left. At noon she started to get worried
    PI: Don't you have therapy today
    T: Yea I thought Ethan was going to take me but no word
    PI: Well i can go to work a little late
    T: Ok we will see
    At one he doorbell rang and it was Ethan
    T: I thought you were going to call
    E: I thought i would surprise you
    T: Ok come in
    Pilar came into the room
    PI: good your here I need to go to work
    She left
    T: Can you carry me to the couch,
    E: Of course i can
    As soon as he sat down. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. They kissed for a while.
    E: Wow what that a kiss
    T: I missed you
    E: me too
    He leaned in and kissed her. They started getting hot and heavy.
    T: i want you
    E: no not yet. I want you to walk first
    T: Well its almost time for therapy
    They left. It got easier everytime. Theresa was recovering fast. Everyone was amazed. They left in good moods.
    E: you want to go to lunch
    T: Sure i would love to
    They ate at a nice resturant and he took her home. There was no one there. They started kissing again.
    T: Ethan this is toture. I don't need my legs to make love to you
    E: I still want you to be better first and i want it to be perfect.
    She agreed. Her brother got home and he left to go to the office. He stopped at hoem first. Gwens car was there. Ethan walked in.
    G: Hey i thought you might like me to make you a nice dinner tonight
    E: I am going to the office
    G: Work is all done i did it for you. Please I have been working on this all day
    E: Fine
    He didn't want to be rude. Gwen and him ate dinner together and then she cleaned up
    E: Its getting later i ate dinner with you shouldn't you be going
    G: Why do you have plans
    E: no but this isn't your house. You need to go back to your house
    G: Yes but your mother said I am welcome anytime
    E: ok well then i am going out
    G: I will come with you
    E: no i don't want you too
    G: Why don't you stay with me.
    E: and do what
    G: I don't know watch a movie or make love
    E: Gwen come on you know i am dating Theresa
    G: god don't remind me
    E: I think that is exactly where i am going
    Ethan got his coat and left. He didn't go there too much temptation so he went to visit and friend and stayed there that night. He didn't want to go to his house and he didn't want to go to Theresa's.

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    Ethan went home the next morning he needed to change. His mom was there and Gwen too
    I: Ethan you had me worried. Were you at Theresa's all night
    E: No I went to a friends
    I: oh ok
    E: I need to go upstairs and changed.
    Ethan had just put some pants on and was looking for a shirt when Gwen walked in.
    G: Hey
    E: Hey
    G: I am sorry if I made you mad yesterday
    E: Its fine
    G: ok just making sure
    Gwen went up to him threw his arms around him and kissed him. She rubbed her hands across his chest.
    G: you have such a hot body
    Gwen knew what to do to turn him on. He had been turned on so much the last week and hadn't been able to make love to Theresa it was getting harder to ignore Gwen. He pushed her toward the bed. She lied down and he got ontop of her and he had her top off and he was out of his pants. Then he stopped.
    E: no I can't as much as i want to I can't
    G: Ethan you can't do all this and just stop
    E: i need to go.
    he grabbed a shirt and went to Theresa's.
    T: Hey hon whats up
    E: you have therapy today right
    T: yea
    E: Well I am here to take you
    T: Yea i was sure you would. You been working out your out of breath
    E: yea
    They talked and thankfully nothing happened but that was because everyone was home. They left and went to therapy and Theresa was doing fine. They said Monday she was be able to walk and not have a wheelchair. Ethan took her out to a good lunch and then he took her back home. No one was home.
    E: Theresa
    T: Yea
    E: I want to make love to you
    T: Finally thank god
    E: Yea its time
    They went upstairs to her room and he lied Theresa on the bed. They kissed for a few minutes but they didn't want to wait and they had enough four play for a couple of months. They made love and it was wonderful. They made love twice. Afterwards they lied in bed.
    E: Theresa i need to tell you something thats eating me up and you are not going to like it
    T: What do you need to tell me
    E: Gwen and me kinda fooled around a little bit. I didn't want to but i was really turned on and frustrated
    T: Did you make love to her
    E: No i didn't
    T: Ok well its forgotten. Why won't she leave your house
    E: i don't know she is a friend of the family and since my mom invited her i can't kick her out
    T: Well what are you going to do
    E: Spend time here or the office or a friends
    T: Do you think she will get the hint
    E: i hope
    T: Well maybe you can talk to your mom
    E: i am going to have too
    Ethan left and went to go talk to his mom. Gwen was gone thank god
    E: Hey mom
    I: Hey
    E: Can we talk
    I: Always whats up
    E: Mom does Gwen have a home anymore
    I: Of course
    E: Why is she here twenty four seven she is pressuring me and she knows I am dating Theresa and it is getting annoying.
    I: Well Honey it wouldn't be so hard if you don't have feelings for her
    E: Gwen and i dated and she hurt me and yes there may be feelings left but I don't want to be with her. I love Theresa and want to be with her.
    I: ok well I am not going to have Gwen stop coming here. I love Gwen like she was my own daughter.
    E: Well then i guess i just won't be around the house anymore.
    I: Don't be like that
    E: Well mother you choose me or Gwen
    The he grabbed some things and left

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    Ch. 12
    Gwen came back over and saw Ivy looking stressed.
    G: What is it
    I: Ethan is mad at me. He said to choose you or him. Now i love you dear but right now I don't want you to come over for awhile.
    Gwen lied her hand on Ivy's
    G: I understand just call me when Ethan is over it
    I: Thanks you honey
    Gwen got her things and left. Ivy called Ethan
    I: Honey please come home. I had a talk with Gwen and she won't come over anymore.
    E: Thank you mother I will be coming home
    I: Good i will see you soon
    Ethan came home shortly after with Theresa she was in her wheelchair
    I: hello (she looked at Theresa and her smile faded
    T: hello Ivy
    E: Mother don't be cruel I need to take her to her therapy one more day and she will be out of this thing
    I: Well congrats
    T: Thanks.
    Ethan and Theresa went to therapy and they said she would walk tomorrow. Theresa was beaming.
    E: Tomorrow i want to take you out to a nice dinner with dancing
    T: That would be great
    E: Lets go back to my place. I think there is no one there
    T: Sounds good to me
    They went back to his place and they were alone. He picked Theresa up and put her on the counter and they made love. Then they made love on the floor. Then they made love on the couch.
    E: i am tired.
    T: me too
    They made something to eat and went to shower. They made love in the shower and then on the bed and fell asleep. Ivy went into Ethans room when she got home and saw that Theresa spent the night. She was not happy about it. They woke up in the morning and made breakfast and Ivy came down
    I: good morning
    E: Morining mother
    T: Morning would you like breakfast
    I: No I think i am going out
    E: Mother please
    Ivy left without a word
    T: maybe i shouldn't be here
    E: of course you should this is my house too. I can have anyone i want over
    he dropped Theresa off so she could get ready and he came home to get dressed and his mother was home.
    I: Well well you two were quite busy
    E: Mother you know i have been dating Theresa. I love her so stop it. I don't know what you have agaist her
    I: She almost killed you
    E: It was my choice. If you can't except her then you know what i will get my own place. I do have enough money saved up
    I: Fine but i don't like it
    E: I don't care
    Ethan got his things and left to pick up Theresa
    E: Are you ready
    T: Yes
    They drove there talking a mile a minute. When they got there they checked to make sure things were fine. They took her wheelchair and Ethan and her got ready to go to dinner. She walked out by herself and never felt better. They had to go to his house he had to get something first and she had a surprise for him first

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    Ch. 13
    They got to his house and Ethan got out of the car
    T: Ethan i have to tell you something
    E: Let me get me get something and you can tell me then
    T: ok
    Theresa walked around his garage and was looking on this big shelf he had when all of a sudden it was pushed on top of her and she lie there un consious. Ethan heard the sound and ran out. he saw and picked the shelf off of her while calling her name. She lied there and didn't move. Once he moved the shelf he knelt down beside her
    E: Theresa baby please wake up
    He got his cell phone called an ambulance and gave them the address. They got there in ten minutes
    P: What happened
    E: This shelf fell on her i was inside getting my jacket
    P: We will take it from here
    E: I am riding with you
    They got in the ambulance and they tried to get Theresa to come to but it wasn't working. They got to the hospital in ten minutes
    L: What happened
    E: The shelf in my garage fell on her
    L: She just got better. I know you didn't do this but we need to find out who did. Call your dad
    Ethan called Sam and he said he was on his way
    S: Ethan what happened
    E: I went to get my coat heard a sound and Theresa was under the shelf
    S: Anyone you know who would do this
    Ethan thought for a minute
    E: i have an idea
    S: Who
    E: My ex let me deal with this. If Theresa wakes up tell her i will be back with the person who did this
    He left for Gwens house. gwen was taking her coat off and walked in
    R: Hello honey
    G: Mother
    R: Geez you are really happy
    G: Yea I am
    R: So you took care of it
    G: Yep
    Just then doorbell rang and Gwen answered it
    G: Ethan what a nice surprise
    E: Well Theresa just had a shelf pushed on her
    G: How terriable is she ok
    E: no one knows why did you do it Gwen
    G: Ethan i am shocked how dare you accuse me
    R: My daugher didn't do it
    G: Ethan i thought we were friends
    E: Drop the act Gwen if you confess it will be easier. My dad is at the hospital confess and make it easier on yourself.
    G: i wouldn't do anything like that. Why would you think something like that
    E: Gwen you were in love with me the only way to get me is to get rid of theresa
    G: Ethat jsut leave i did nothing
    E: I will find a way to get you to confess and you will pay you better hope she makes it.
    He slammed the door and left
    R: Now what
    G: i don't know
    Ethan got back to the hospital in record time
    S: Did Gwen do it
    E: I have no doubt in my mind. I know she did but she won't confess
    S: We will find a way
    E: enough about that how is Theresa
    S: Well she still hasn't come to but she is stable
    Ethan went to a nurse
    E: Can i see her
    N: Go on in and talk to her she can hear you
    he walked in
    E: Wow the room looks nice baby. You look great too. You wanted to tell me something i should of heard what it was. it wouldn't of changed anything you would be still be in the same place. Theresa i need you and i love you please come around.
    He sat down and grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She squeezed back and her eyes fluttered
    E: Shh don't talk. Thank god your back
    he kissed her on the lips over and over again then he pulled back. The nurse walked in.
    N: Welcome back
    Theresa smiled.
    N: I wanted you to know Mr. Winthrop that Theresa was pregnant but she lost the baby in the fall.
    She left the room
    E: That is what you wanted to tell me
    Theresa shook her head yes and tears fell out of her eyes
    E: I would of been a father we would of been parents
    He was silent for a minute.
    E: We will be parents you and me
    They held hands for a while and mourned the death of the baby

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    Theresa was confined to a wheelchair again because she just got better and she had to stay in the wheelchair for 2 months and do physical therapy again. She wasn't too happy about it.
    E: Ok we can leave now
    T: Why i am stuck in this stupid chair again
    E: Honey its better than last time
    T: I cannot believe this I just got out of here and I just lost my baby. The least that could happen is I could walk
    E: You are not strong enough to
    T: Well did you talk to Gwen
    E: She wouldn't confess
    T: Great just great. If I see her i will kill her
    E: Honey don't let her upset you. I will get her to confess
    T: Yea right. She loves you she won't confess
    E: She will
    Theresa didn't say a word. Ethan knew she was mad and dropped her off at home. Her son was coming over anyways to spend some time with her so she needed to spend some time with her. Ethan went over to Gwens to see if she would confess. Gwen answered the door
    G: What are you here to question me some more
    He didn't say anythng he hoped Theresa would forgive him but it was the only way to get her to confess. He went up to her and kissed her. She pulled away.
    G: Ethan what are you doing
    He picked her and took her toward upstairs
    G: Ethan i knew you would come to your senses
    He went upstairs and made love to her.
    G: Ethan that was great. Lets do it again.
    he got up and put his clothes back on.
    E: Gwen i gave you what you wanted just confess please
    G: No
    E: Gwen come on please say it and i can get you off on an easier punishment
    G: I didn't do anything
    E: I know you did
    G: Ethan i am not confessing to anything because I didn't do anything wrong.
    E: Gwen do you know what i sacrificed to do this
    G: Well thats your problem now get out
    He left and went to Theresa's he had to tell her. He knocked and Pilar let him in. Her and Little Ethan were in the back
    LE: Ethan
    E: Hey sport what are you and mommy doing
    T: We were playing catch with a ball. Kinda hard to do confined to chair
    Ethan threw the ball with Little Ethan for a little bit and then Theresa's mom came and got Little Ethan so Theresa and Ethan could talk
    T: So did you get Gwen to confess
    E: No um about that. I tthought i could get Gwen to confess if i did something
    T: Ethan what was it?
    E: you are not going to like this but the reason I am telling you now is because I love you. I slept with her because I thought she would confess and she didn't. I am sorry
    Theresa didn't say anything for awhile
    E: Theresa I am so sorry honey
    T: Me too. Why would you do something like this. What you think because I am confined to this wheelchair you can screw around on me
    E: I didn't enjoy it. I am sorry
    T: Me too. I don't think its a good idea to see each other anymore
    E: Theresa don;t do this ok I did it because i thought she would confess
    T: Ethan i don't want to be with you especially sleeping with Gwen. Go back to her
    E: I don't want her
    T: Well you did 5 minutes ago. Please leave
    E: We can work this out
    T: Leave i said now
    Ethan didn't want to upset her farther. She had been in a bad mood since she lost the baby and gotten back from the hospital. She would come to her senses.

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    After left after all the commotion Pilar came out
    P: What was that all about
    T: Ethan cheated on me
    P: Come on Ethan
    T: He told me he had sex with Gwen to see if she would confess
    P: Well did she
    T: No I told him i didn't want to see him anymore
    P: There is no way to work things out
    T: No not at all
    P: Well if thats the way you feel.
    T: mama would you forgive him
    P: If i really loved him it would take some time but i think i could
    Theresa played with her son she was still mad at Ethan. Ethan was busy for the next week trying to get Theresa to forgive him and trying to get Gwen to confess but she wasn't budging. Either was Theresa it was hopeless. He went to see his dad
    S: hey son
    E: Hey dad i need some advice
    S: About Theresa and Gwen
    He told him what he did with Gwen and how Theresa reacted
    E: It was a dumb part on my move but I told her
    S: Yea it was dumb
    E: How are we going to get Gwen to confess
    S: maybe you should take Theresa out again since it didn't kill her the first time Gwen might strike again
    E: Then i would be knowingly putting Theresa in danger
    S: you don't know maybe she won't do it again. She might lay low for awhile
    E: Any change to kill Theresa she might. The only problem is is how do i get Theresa to give me another chance.
    S: Let her cool off for awhile work on gwen for awhile and you never know
    Ethan went over to gwen's house. he knew this wasn't going to be pretty but he couldn't accuse her anymore this wouldn't work. He knocked and she opened and slammed the door in his face. Through the closed door.
    E: I wanted to take you to dinner for accusing you
    She opened the door
    G: Really
    E: Yea really
    Ethan took her to a nice resturant.
    G: Ethan thank you
    E: I told Theresa she is mad at me and won't forgive me
    G: Wow I am sorry i would be too
    They ate and ordered drinks. Gwen and Ethan both started drinking alot. he needed one though because he had to play it cool and hang around Gwen awhile and act as a couple and she might confess. They took a limo there and they took it back. Good thing they were drunk. Gwen started kissing Ethan in the cab and made love to him in the cab. Then when they got home they made love three times. They woke up with a bad hangover
    E: Where am i
    G: With me silly
    It took a little bit but hid idea came to him
    E: Oh yea
    She kissed him again. One thing about Gwen was she liked to make love a lot. So they did and then they went and ate breakfast and they made love again and later in the shower. He had to go to work. He needed a break anyways. He went to work and had a vistor
    E: pilar what are you doing here
    P Why haven't you come and seen Theresa she misses you
    E: She told you that
    P: No but i know she wonders why you haven't come and seen her
    E: Listen i was letting her cool off i figured she wouldn't want to see me or talk to me
    P: What you did was rotten but she loves you enough to forgive you. I think you underestimate her
    E: I am working on getting Gwen to confess or catch her trying to kill her and I think it just might work.
    P: Well you better hope so. Theresa misses you I am her mother i would know. Visit her
    E: Thanks Pilar
    He went back to work but had a hard time concentrating. He missed Theresa. he worked anyways.Theresa was going to Gwens house she called Whitney and she drover her over there while Little Ethan was napping
    W: What are you going to say
    T: I don't know but i will say something
    She got to the house and into her wheelchair and to the door and knocked
    G: Theresa
    T: Gwen
    G: Yea
    T: I know your tried to kill me
    G: Oh stop it. Did you know Ethan was here spending the night with me making love to me
    T: He is a free man did you know i was pregnant with his baby before you tried to kill me
    G: good thing i did or that baby would still be alive
    T: ahh ha so you do admit it
    G: Yea but you can't prove it
    T: i will
    G: Its your word agaist mine. Ethan will believe me
    T: Ethan will come around don;t worry he will and he knows yoa re lying
    G: Whatever
    She slammed the door in Theresa's face and she smiled she knew it. She told Whitney and went home. She wondered how long Ethan would play this little game.


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