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Thread: I know you love me

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    Theresa and Ethan had been friends for years. One day they were hanging out and about to cross the street when Theresa grabbed Ethans arm
    T: Ethan I need to tell you something. I love you
    He turned to look at her
    E: Theresa you don't love me trust me
    T: Ethan yes i do. I really do
    Ethan touched her shoulder
    E: No you don't
    he looked both ways and ran across the street. Theresa went after him and got hit by a car. Ethan ran to her and grabbed her. The guy who hit her couldn't stop in time. Ethan rushed her to the emergency room
    E: I need help
    EV: What happened to her
    E: We were walking and i ran across the street and she didn't look and she got hit
    Ev: We need to get her to the emergency room fast
    They rushed her into the emergency she had broke ribs, a broken leg, and a broken arm. Ethan called Whitney and she didn't answer and he left a message. Theresa rushed into surgery for her ribs and Ethan waited outside. Then Eve came back in to tell Ethan what was going on
    E: How is she
    Ev: She is recovering and her ribs will heal. I don't want her to talk just write things down until her ribs heal because it will be painful.
    E: Alright
    They wheeled her to a room and she was still asleep. Ethan sat in her room until she woke up. he fell asleep on the chair until morning.

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    Re: I know you love me

    Hope you all like it. please tell me how it is. Sorry so short

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    Ch. 2
    The next morning Ethan woke up and saw that Theresa was still asleep. He heard someone ask about her and walked out and saw Whitney.
    W: Ethan how is she
    E: Well she just got surgery on her ribs. She is supposed to get surgery on her arms in a little while so I need to go to the office right now but i will be back before she gets surgery.
    W: Ok i will sit with her.
    E: ok thanks
    he went in her room and kissed her on the forehead. I will be back soon. Whitney walked out with Ethan
    E: This is all my fault
    W: This is not your fault
    E: Yes it is. If i wouldn't of ran off like that she wouldn't of gotten hit
    W: Ethan she is an adult she knows she should of looked before she crossed the street
    E: I need to go to work
    W: Ok i will be here
    E: Thank
    Whitney walked in the room and Theresa looked at her and openened her mouth
    W: Theresa no don't talk your not supposed too. Thats the dr's orders. Let me go get a nurse
    Whitney got a nurse and brought her in
    N: Ok Theresa your not supposed to talk for a couple of days until your ribs heal a little bit. Write things down on a notepad. The nurse brought a notepad in and a pen and left the room. Theresa took the notepad and wrote: Wheres ethans?
    W: He had to go back to the office he said he will be back before your surgery
    She nodded. Whitney got a brush out and combed Theresa's hair it was a mess. Then the Dr came in
    Dr: Theresa we arae going to go surgery on your broken arm. I know its early but the sooner the better
    W: I will call ethan
    Theresa mouthed thank you and they wheeled her away. Whitney went to a payphone and called Ethan and got voicemail. She went back to Theresa's room and waited. Ethan came to Therea's room 20 minutes later with flowers.
    E: is she still in surgery
    W: Yea she should be back soon
    E: Dang it I was hoping i would be here when they did it
    W: Don't worry I was here she is fine
    E: I hope so they waited together

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    Theresa came back twenty minutes later. She was asleep.
    Dr: She is alright her arm is recovering but I don't think she will be awake until morning
    E: Oh ok
    W: Thanks
    The Dr. left the room
    E: I don't know there is not much we can do now since she is asleep
    W: Someone should stay with her
    E: Well how about this go home get something to eat, shower, and get some sleep. Come back later tonight and stay with her. I have to go to the office in the morning anyways.
    W: ok i will be back about 8 sound good.
    E: Sounds fine nine if u want too. i will call you if something changes.
    W: Ok
    Ethan sat in Theresa's room and looked at magazines, watched some tv and then he started to doze. He had a dream about making love to Theresa. When he woke up. He got up and wondered why he was thinking about that it made him happy though. Whitney got there about nine and then Ethan left. When Theresa woke up the next morning Whitney was watching tv. She flipped it off when she saw Theresa was awake.
    W: Hey honey
    Theresa waved and Whitney gave her a notepad and a pen. The first thing she asked was where Ethan was.
    W: he had to go to the office for a few but he will be back soon.
    Theresa then wrote that Ethan loved her
    W: I don't think so honey. Why would you think that did he tell you that
    T: She then wrote that she just knew
    Just then Ethan walked through the door
    T: Eth.. ow it hurts
    She started screaming out ouches. A nurse rushed in there
    N: What happened?
    E: She tried to say my name
    N: Honey you know your not supposed to talk
    E: Give her a shot do something
    N: Alright
    She grabbed her syringe and gave it to her while Whitney and Ethan tried to calm her down
    E: Theresa shh quiet you will feel better in a second shhh.
    She stopped screaming a few seconds later
    N: Now Theresa you can't talk
    She shook her head
    N: I don't want to have to come in here again and give you another one
    Theresa shook her head. The nurse left
    E: Theresa why did you get so excited. You can't do those kind of things.
    She took her notepad and wrote sorry
    E: No its ok i just hate seeing you in that much pain
    She smiled at him. Then dr came in and said lets do your leg now. They wheeled her out and Ethan and Whitney went and got a coffee and went back to the room.
    W: Hey Ethan you know what Theresa told me. She told me that u loved her
    E: What where did she get a crazy idea like that
    W: That is what i said and she said she just knew
    E: Thats crazy
    W: Yea i know. She is really crazy about you
    E: I can see that if she wasn't she wouldn't be like she is right now. I hate to hurt her
    W: Well its never easy to tell a person you care about that you don't feel the same way
    E: Yea i know that
    Theresa came back an hour later.
    Dr: She is fine. She should be awake in a couple of hours. This one was easier to fix. When she wakes up come and get me i have some things i need to tell her
    She wok up a half and hour later. She smiled at both of them and grabbed her notepad. She wrote: can someone go to my house and get a few things for me. She wrote down what she needed and handed it to Whitney
    W: I'll do it honey. The dr wanted to talk to you. I will go tell him your awake
    E: How do u feel
    She wrote down that she felt achy
    E: well thats pry normal with surgery
    the doctor came in
    Dr: Hey Theresa
    She smiled at him
    Dr: Well you are recovering nicely and i want to start talking tomorrow. Its going to be painful but you need to strengthen everything. Then you will need therapy for a couple of weeks after you get out. I am not sure when we are going to release you yet but i want to see how everything heals and stuff.
    She smiled at the doctor and he left.
    W: Alright i will go home and get the things you want
    Theresa smiled at her and she left
    E: Theresa why did you tell Whitney i love you. Where did you get an idea from that
    She wrote down the same thing she had told Whitney
    E: Theresa there has got to be a reason that you think that. You can't just think that when i told you i didn't
    She wrote down time will tell
    E: Yes it will i hate to hurt you Theresa but you need to think more clearly.
    She just smiled at him. Ethan talked about his job and Theresa wrote him a few things and Whitney was back soon.
    W: Ok I am back
    E: I am going to go home and get some sleep, shower and eat. i will be back after i work a few hours.
    He gave Whitney a hug and kissed Theresa's forehead and left.
    W: Here honey i brought your hairbrush.
    She brushed Theresa's hair and then the telephone beside her bed rang. Whitney answered it
    W: hello
    N: Hey this is Nick.
    W: What do you want
    N: Little Ethan want to see his mother. i was think maybe tomorrow
    W: Hold on. Theresa Nick wants to bring Little Ethan by tomorrow is that ok
    She shook her head yes
    W: Yea thats fine.
    She got a few details and hung up
    W: He said he would be by tomorrow at about one
    Theresa wrote down that she missed her son and couldn't wait to see him
    W: Ugh i can't stand Nick i pry won't be here when he comes Ethan can deal with him
    Theresa wrote down that Whitney could go home as well she could be alone there were nurses here
    W: No i am going to keep you company
    Theresa and whitney talked. Whitney feel asleep in the chair when Theresa finally fell asleep.Ethan came back the next day at ten. Theresa and Whitney were both talking when he walked in
    T: Hey... Ethan
    E: Hey its nice to hear your voice again
    T: Its... a ... little... pain... ful
    E: the doctor said it would be. Take it slow
    W: Well I need to get going. Oh Ethan Nick is dropping by
    E: What does he want
    W: Little Ethan wants to see his mother
    E: Even though we don't like Nick Little Ethan should see her
    T: Why bad..mouth... Nick
    E: Theresa the man cheated on you
    T: I know
    E: Well there is your answer
    T: He ... is... Little... Ethans
    E: yea he is
    W: Well I am going home call me when he leaves
    E: She will
    Ethan and Theresa talked while they waited for Nick to show up with her son

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    Nick showed up in 10 minutes. When her Little Ethan walked in he ran to her.
    LE: Mommy
    T: Sweetheart
    She hugged and kissed him.
    T: Oh i missed you so much
    LE: Me too
    N: Hey how are you
    T: I am ok thanks
    LE: Hey Ethan
    Little Ethan went over and sat on Little Ethans lap. he loved him. Nick sat down next to Theresa on the bed. While Little Ethan talked to Ethan he watched Nick.
    N: So how are you
    T: I feel like I got ran over by a truck
    N: Well you don't look like it
    T: Well thanks so how is Little Ethan
    N: he is good he just missed you.
    T: I missed him too
    N: Well once you get out of her hopefully you will be able to see him more
    T: Yea i know
    N: How much longer do u have
    T: I don't know yet
    Then Little Ethan got up and went to see his mom.
    E: hey Nick how are you
    N: Fine
    E: alright then
    They left a few mintues later because Little Ethan couldn't stay too long. Little Ethan and Nick gave Theresa a hug. Little Ethan gave Ethan a hug He was getting jelous. They finally left
    E: Gosh i don't like him
    T: Are you jelous
    E: of course not
    T: Well he is a good dad
    E: i know I just don't like the way he treated you
    T: We are adults about it
    Just then Theresa family came in. Pilar, Martin, Luis, Antnio, and Paloma came in. they all greeted Ethan and Theresa.
    E: Its so nice you all came down
    Pi: Well we haven't seen her yet and we needed to see how she is doing
    T: I am fine
    L: When do u get out
    E: We don't know yet the dr said hoepfully soon. Well i need to do a few things in the office. Do you want me to call Whitney
    T: Yes if you can. tell her i will call her once my family leaves
    E: Ok
    M: Ethan you don't have to leave you can stay
    E: no i need to do some work. I will call later
    T: Alright
    He kissed her on the forehead and left
    Pi: I know that look on your face Thresa
    T: he loves me
    M: Theresa stop it
    T: No papa he does. You weren't here when Nick was here
    Pi: Wait why was Nick here
    T: So i could see my son
    Pi: Well at least someone was here. I don't like him
    T: Well i got to see my son but he got jelous
    L: i don't like Nick either Theresa you probably misread him
    T: No i didn't
    Pa: Theresa you might have
    T: You are all wrong
    A: Ok we didn't come here to argue and the nurses might get mad lets visit now
    T: thank you
    They talked about an hour and left. Then Whitney came to see her and they talked

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    ch. 5
    Whitney and Theresa were talking when Ethan came back.
    W: Hey i am going to go home and shower and eat. I will be back in the morning
    T: Ok bye
    Ethan and Theresa talked and then it got late
    T: You can go home now. I am going to go to sleep
    E: i will sit here until you fall asleep
    T: ok thats fine
    Ethan flipped through a magazine and then when Theresa was asleep he went over to her and whispered
    E: i love you
    he kissed her on the mouth and walked out. Thersa opened her eyes.
    T: I knew it she whispered
    She fell asleep. Whitney came in the next morning and Theresa woke up after 20 minutes of her being there.
    W: Hey honey
    T: Hey guess what Ethan loves me
    W: Here we go again
    T: no last night when i was asleep before he left he wshipered that he loved me and kissed me on the lips
    W: um you were dreaming
    T: No he thought i was asleep but i was awake
    W: Listen i know u want ethan to love you but give it a rest
    Whitney grabbed her coat and left. She couldn't believe she reacted like that. Ethan came in an hour later.
    T: Hey ethan
    E: How are you
    T: good hey last night did u tell me that u loved me?
    he hesitated
    T: Ethan please say yes or no. Was I dreaming?
    E: Theresa yes i told u that i loved you because i do
    T: You do so why did you lie and tell me you didn't
    E: I got scared i have never felt this way about anyone before and i am scared
    T: We can be scared together
    She pulled him closer to her and she kissed him. he kissed her back. Their first kiss was hot and passionate. Whitney knocked on the door to let them know she was there
    T: Hey come in. What did i tell you Whitney
    W: i am sorry i snapped at you Theresa
    T: Don't worry
    W: So its true Ethan
    E: Yea i do love her
    W: i am glad you are finally together
    They all sat around and talked and the dr came in
    Dr; hello i would like to say Theresa can go home in a week in a wheelchair but she will have to go to therapy to learn to walk again
    T: This is wonderful doctor to get out of bed.
    Dr: I bet
    W: Well i am going to go give my mother the good news and call yours
    T: Thanks whit
    She knew Whitney was giving them time alone. As she walked out she winked at Theresa. Ethan pulled his chair closer to hers and sat down then he got up and kissed her. She kissed him back
    E: I can't wait until u get home and i can take u out on a date
    T: i can't wait either
    She pulled him down and kissed him.
    T: So this is really happening
    E: yes we are together.
    T: i am so glad
    E: me too
    they sat and talked her mom came in
    E: hey pilar
    P: Hello i came to see my daughter
    E: well i will leave you two alone
    he left
    P: Whit called i hear they are releasing u in a week
    T: yea and
    P: What are you doing with Ethan
    T: We are together
    P: I know Whitney told me
    T: Well whats the problem
    P: Theresa I don't want you to get hurt
    T: Mother if Ethan is willing to give me a chance i am going to take it
    P: Ok i love you thats all
    her whole family visted her later on and they talked and then Whitney came back
    W: i am so happy for you
    T: me too Ethan is great
    W: Where is he
    T: At the office
    W: he is there an awful lot
    T: I know but once i am released we can have lunch together and i can visit him
    W: Well thats good
    T: Ethan will be happy i know he will. I can do that for him

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    Ch. 6
    The next morning the dr came in
    Dr: Theresa i am going to release you in a couple of hours
    T: You are
    Dr: you have healed nicely. I have some instructions i want you to follow. You will be bedridden for another week. The only way i want you to get out of bed is to use the restroom. You will still have to have someone help you to get into your wheelchair and then get right back into bed. After a week then you will have to come here and do physical therapy so you can get the use in your legs abck.
    T: ok thanks you dr. i will pay you back for all of this little by little
    Dr: Oh its all taken care of
    T: huh
    Dr: Ethan payed for it
    The dr walked out she couldn't believe Ethan had payed for her. She was dumbfounded. Ethan walked in 20 minutes later
    T: Ethan
    E: Hey I heard they were going to release you in 2 more hours you want me to take you home?
    T: yea that would be great. How come you payed my bill?
    E: Theresa I know your family is struggling and plus i feel it is myu fault
    T: baby its not your fault ok. I am an adult i should of looked before i crossed this is my fault and my own carelessness
    Then whitney walked in
    W: Honey i heard you are getting released
    T: yea in 2 hours.
    W: This is going to be great
    T: Well I am bedridden for another week and then i can only get out of bed to use the bathroom with my wheelchair then after that i have to go to physical therapy to get my legs working
    W: hey at least you are at home
    T: it will be nice to be home and maybe Little Ethan can come and stay with me
    W: There you go. Hey Ethan
    E: Hey
    They sat and talked then the dr came in
    Dr: Alright i am going to have you sign these release forms and here is your wheelchair and you can go.
    Ethan left the room and Whitney helped Theresa dress and Ethan came in and lifted Theresa out of bed and put her in her wheelchair. Then they left and he lifted her in the front seat and they went to her house. Whitney followed behind them. Ethan carried her in. Pilar greeted them
    P: Oh dios mia my baby is home
    T: Yes i am
    W: I am sure she is glad to be back
    T: I am
    E: Where do you want to be the bed or couch
    T: Bed please
    Whitney brought the wheelchair behind them. Ethan placed Theresa gently on the bed.
    E: There you go
    W: Theresa honey i need to get going but i will be back later this evening Chad wants to see me
    T: Go you two come back later
    W: Alright bye
    Theresa and Ethan both said bye. Pilar came in
    P: Ethan are you staying for awhile
    E: I can
    P: I got a crisis at work and everyone else is gone
    E: Its fine
    Pilar left
    T: Thanks for paying for me
    E: your welcome
    he sat on the bed and kissed her. She kissed him back. Thersa pulled away
    T: Were alone
    E: yes and
    She raised her eyebrows up and down
    E: your on bed rest and still recovering
    T: Yes but i can lie down
    E: I don't know
    She grabbed the back of head and kissed him. it got hot and heavy. They were kissing and touching each other they were lying down.
    E: Theresa lets cool down
    T: No
    He got up.
    E: No i don't want to hurt you lets wait it will be better
    T: Alright if you say so
    E: I do say so
    Whitney and Chad came by to see her and Ethan left. They talked and then her ex Nick came in with Little Ethan
    N: Hey everyone
    W: Hey
    C: Hey
    N: I thought i would drop him off with you for a couple of days
    T: Thanks Nick
    He left he knew no one liked him
    LE: Mommy
    T: Hey honey
    Then Pilar came home and Whitney and Chad left so Theresa could spend some time with Little Ethan alone. She played with her son the whole afternoon. They ate dinner together. She didn't realize how much she missed him until now. They slept in the same bed together. The next day she spent the whole day with him. Ethan and Whitney called to check in on her but she told them she wanted to be alone with her son. Her family came in out of her room to talk to her. It was so good to see her family and her son. It was good to be home. She couldn't wait to see Ethan again

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    Ethan came to see her that morning and she was still asleep. Little Ethan was already up eating breakfast and she sat down with Little Ethan and watched cartoons with him while they waited for Theresa to wake up
    T: Little Ethan i'm up
    Little Ethan got up and raced upstairs and Ethan was behind him
    T: Hello honey. Ethan hey i didn't know you were here so early.
    E: yea i am
    he went over and kissed her
    LE: Are you and my mommy dating now
    E: Yes we are
    LE: Good l like that
    E: Me too
    T: I third that
    Then the nanny came up so her and Ethan could have time alone. The week went by fast. Ethan and Whitney came to see her often and at the end of the week Ethan took her to get some of her physical therapy.
    E: Are you nervous
    T: Kind of I don't have any feeling in my legs and i wonder if it will hurt or if I won't be able to walk at all
    E: The doctor said it was a good possibility.
    They were quiet the rest of the way there. They got their and Ethan wheeled her in. The physical therapist meant them at the dest
    TheriapistTh) hello there
    E: hello
    T: Hello I am Theresa this is my boyfriend Ethan
    Th: Hello Theresa the doctor told me you were arriving this way
    Ethan pushed Theresa and followed her.
    Th: Alright Ethan if you could help me that would be good
    E: Alright
    Th: i want you to help me stand Theresa up
    they helped Theresa stand
    th: Does it hurt at all can you feel anything
    T: It doesn't hurt and i can feel my legs
    Th: Thats good
    They helped her over to the bars to see if she could walk holding onto the bars. Ethan stood her there and she tried to walk and she cried out in pain and fell and Ethan caught her
    T: It hurts
    Th: Could you feel your legs
    T: yes or i wouldn't be in pain
    Th: Thats what happens with a lot of people so your fine its normal.
    The theriapist walked across with her a couple of times and they let her rest because she was in a lot of pain. She told her to come back next week but now she was off bedrest. They drove home
    T: I don't want to go back that hurt
    E: Honey you have to she said that everything that happened was normal it will get easier little by little. I will right there with you
    T: I don't want to back i want to be in my wheelchair pain free
    E: You didn't think it was going to be painful walking again
    T: Well this wouldn't of happened if this weren't for you. I would still be walking
    E: I am sorry i know this is my fault what do u want me to do
    T: Ethan i am sorry i am just frustrated this was my fault.
    he didn't say another word. When they got to her house he wheeled her in and said he had to go
    T: Ethan i didn't mean what i said
    E: I know
    he left and she felt terriable


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