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Thread: o.k. Ladies, where is everyone???

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    Post Re: o.k. Ladies, where is everyone???

    thanks for your good wishes CJ - dh is doing fine although her neck is still swollen.
    I am enjoying the quiet life here. I get up just after dawn and walk the dog and let the animals out with just the birds to listen too. Because dh has to work back in England I am here quite a lot on my own (although I have had a lot of visitors staying since xmas) so in the evenings I get a fire lit and watch House or a movie!
    It's quite amazing to witness a birth isn't it - I remember seeing a calf born for the first time - I had no idea how big it would be - I could see something pulsing (in a blueish bag!) and thought it was its heart- it was actually its eye blinking!! I've learned!
    Today I am going off to collect a beehive that I've bought via the internet - hope its in good condition!
    Our grandchild will live in England - they are living in our old house there. D-i-L has US citizenship so who knows where they will end up!
    There's a lot of clucking going on outside - guess one of the hens is laying a square egg again!
    Take care
    Liz x

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    Post Re: o.k. Ladies, where is everyone???

    Birth is amazing. I was very fortunate to have a very nice dil to ask me if I would like to be in the room when my grandson was born nearly 5 yrs ago. His birthday is the 24th. It was amazing to witness his birth. And yes he is spoiled, lol...

    I succeded in adding a pix of our BT in my profile. Check it out sometime. I'll have to add some more soon or I'll forget how I did it.

    I'll be coming back here more often since the message boards at aol are gone. Hope to "see" you and others here too.

    Just waiting for the real spring to get here.
    Have a great day!


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