thanks for your good wishes CJ - dh is doing fine although her neck is still swollen.
I am enjoying the quiet life here. I get up just after dawn and walk the dog and let the animals out with just the birds to listen too. Because dh has to work back in England I am here quite a lot on my own (although I have had a lot of visitors staying since xmas) so in the evenings I get a fire lit and watch House or a movie!
It's quite amazing to witness a birth isn't it - I remember seeing a calf born for the first time - I had no idea how big it would be - I could see something pulsing (in a blueish bag!) and thought it was its heart- it was actually its eye blinking!! I've learned!
Today I am going off to collect a beehive that I've bought via the internet - hope its in good condition!
Our grandchild will live in England - they are living in our old house there. D-i-L has US citizenship so who knows where they will end up!
There's a lot of clucking going on outside - guess one of the hens is laying a square egg again!
Take care
Liz x