Hi, the board has gone pretty quiet lately. Maybe the weather is getting nicer south and you guys are outside enjoying the sunshine!! Here in BC it is clear and cold -4c overnight. We are supposed to warm up to about 5 days of rain, yuck.

So what have you all been up to? I haven't been doing much. Babysitting the grandkids mostly. They were all over last night because it was Rick's birthday yesterday so they all came over to wish him a happy birthday. We are having a birthday supper on Sunday night. I'm making chicken cordon bleu, his fav. It is a pain to make but it sure is yummy.

So anybody done any spring planting or is it too early still? I know it is here, we got snow just last week. What do you do you plant for spring? I mainly do big pots cuz we live in a townhouse with fixed gardens. It looks pretty when I'm finished mixed in with the annuals.

Well, ladies, check in and say hi...

Take care, Penny