Okay, having spent the last 24 hours in a hellish situation I thought I'd throw this out for debate. Do you make information available to the public anyone who has a sex offence level status?

Here's the background..At my skating club (I'm on the board and a past President) a known coach petitioned us to be a guest professional. He taught two of our members at other local rinks and wanted to be able to coach them on ice our club procured with the city rink. We have two levels of coaches, ones who are full on our staff, meaning we 1099 them as independant contractors. And those we clear as guest professionals who are allowed to teach their existing students but not seek new students from our membership. Coaches are retained privately by parents and we have no involvement in setting rates or assiging coaches.

In all cases we do background searches and require proof of liability insurance and they be registered with our two governing bodies nationally. This gentleman was coaching for several years, as a full staff member, at other local rinks. He approached us 2 weeks ago! We found nothing and gave him provisional status, meaning he had to reply to the board in 21 days with a full paid background check.

He was arrested the NEXT day during our ice practice and we learned he is a level 1 sex offender in the state of MA. Level 1 means not likely to reoffend and they are required to register with police but their information is not made public. They are also NOT ALLOWED TO WORK WITH CHILDREN IN ANY CAPACITY. In his case we learned from police is FOR FRIGGIN' LIFE!!!

So here's my debate, should level 1 offenders info be made public? I'm truly hoping for a whole lotta hell yes responses but it'll be interesting to see what you all think.

(By the by, my club is the Southern NH Skating Club)