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Thread: Castle - Anyone see it?

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    Post Castle - Anyone see it?

    I really liked it, though with ABC and their recent record, I guess I shouldn't get attached. It's light, sort of Remington Steele style. I'm usually turned off by pilot episodes but this one held it's own. The first few scenes had the intro feel, but it moved pretty quickly to the story, had some fun twists to get to the resolution. The leads, Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) and Stana Katic (Det. Kate Beckett) have a fun chemistry. It's fluffy in a good way, I needed a change after Breaking Bad (excellent, but dark, dark, dark!) and the sad ep of 24.
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    Re: Castle - Anyone see it?

    I liked it too. But, you are right about ABC. I loved "Eli Stone" too and that's gone. I love Nathan Fillion, so I'm hoping this show survives. I like this type of show...loved Remington Steele too.

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    I liked it too, Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic(I dont know her, what else has she been on?) had a fun chemistry...I always enjoy couples who have the "opposites attract" storylines.

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    I watched the 2nd episode tonight and the pilot last week. I liked the chemistry between the leads even better in this show than the first show and really enjoy learning the little bits of info about each of them. But the murder plots are only so-so and may need to improve if the show is to succeed. I love his daughter and like his mom but I'm not sold on the cops in the supporting cast.

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    I've been watching this, too. I am not sold. I really love Nathan Fillion and keep waiting for the role that makes him a breakout star. But I don't find the lead female (Beckett) appealing and I think the chemistry is lacking. Plus, the cases are a bit weak - why is it that Castle is the only one who can make the leap that solves everything?

    I'm still watching, but I don't think this has a hope of survival unless the writing focuses less on being overly cute and more on being truly compelling.

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