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Thread: Pets-where did yours come from?

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    Re: Pets-where did yours come from?

    i rescued my hamsters(all 5 of them) from ads in the local paper. i'm kind of in competition with an individual in town who breeds snakes. he's always going around trying to get all the rodents people advertise as 'free to a good home'.

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    Re: Pets-where did yours come from?

    I don't have any pets at the moment, but I used to have two cats that we got when our neighbor's cat had kittens.

    See, the neighbor's cat was an indoor cat, but it got out of the house one day and...surprise! kittens.

    I'm in an apartment now, so pets aren't really an option, but I'll definitely go through the humane society shelter when its time for a new one

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    Re: Pets-where did yours come from?

    I really admire what you do, I live in FL actually Boca Raton where there is a Humane Society center for rescuing, I went there to try to volunteer with my son, but the people there didn't care for our help. They are very famous here for being rude with people that try to approach them not just for volunteers, but for adoption. The conditions of the animals there are not so great I saw tons of little breed dogs in a room with blankets on the floor with feeses and they were going to feed them there. I understand that the money is always a problem, but that doesn't mean they have to be mean if you don't go to help them with a big check on your hand.
    This days my way to help animals is by donating part of my sales money form eBay, sometimes I wish I have more since this creatures need so much! there are so many centers that need help not just here, but over the world! like I got a mail the other day about bears in India well, etc. I am glad some people have a good heart to share a little bit.

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    Re: Pets-where did yours come from?

    My pet is a stray cat that wandered to my back doorstep 2 years ago. I've been feeding him ever since. He's still wild but I like having him around. I also feed an opossum that wandered up to my doorstep when he saw the cat do it. They are pals.


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