I run a small time animal rescue and volunteer at a local horse rescue and also the animal shelter. I just wanted everyone out there to know the importance of adopting from these organizations. Not all pets are at a shelter because they aren't good pets! I have adopted 3 horses from horse rescues and numerous cats and dogs. These animals have all been great pets and wonderful companions. Shelter pets are more appreciatative of the love we can share with them and are really grateful to have a home. A shelter pet costs much less than a pet from a breeder or store (cats/dogs usually range from $25-125 and horses can range from $100-2000...with most being in the $400-800 range) and usually is up to date on shots, wormings, and is already altered. Many shelters also have no risk adoptions, so that if your pet doesn't with out with you, you can just return him/her and choose another. This is true with many horse rescue organizations. Some even offer refund of purchase price for a period of time. Shelter animals are loving and most have been evaluated by a professional for abilities/temperments etc. Please consider making adoption your next option!
I also foster for the local humane society and do rehab. Most humane societies have foster programs for people to keep litters of kittens or puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. This is a great way to help out, have fun, and always have a playful youngster around the house! Check with your local shelter.