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Thread: Dollhouse, anyone?

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    Post Dollhouse, anyone?

    We just watched the second episode. I'm not totally convince that I love it, but I'll give it more time before leaving it. The second episode was better, IMO, than the first, even with some obvious turns. I liked the way they introduced her memory lapses (or non-lapse would be more correct, I guess). I thought Eliza D would disappoint, but so far, I like her. It's great to see Reed Diamond again. Is anyone here watching?
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    Post Re: Dollhouse, anyone?

    I've caught the first two episodes. I hated the pilot - I thought Eliza Dushku was TERRIBLE in it, but I decided to give it another shot because pilots are often rough. I thought the second eppy was better than the first, but I'm still finding Eliza off-putting when she's "wiped" - maybe it is supposed to be that way, but it's grating.

    I do like seeing the Battlestar Gallactica actors getting some work (Helo, the lawyer) and I think the supporting cast is good. I'm going to stick with it for another week and we'll see how it goes.

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    Re: Dollhouse, anyone?

    I am in love with it. Of course, I got to see a panel with Joss and Tahmoh so I might be a teeny bit biased right now, but from what they said, it's really worth waiting for the story to progress.

    A show like this has real potential because they can literally write any story they want. The thread that keeps it all together is the investigation into the Dollhouse and Echo slowly recovering memories. Other than that, it's open game. So they have this great opportunity to bend to our wishes as an audience but also keep us coming back with a solid backstory.

    I do agree about Eliza. I've never been much of a fan of her and was really really surprised when I found out she'd be playing a role that required some serious acting. Until the second episode, I wasn't convinced she could handle that at all. She's slowly starting to maaa ybe change my mind. We'll just have to see.

    I can't help but hope that if Joss has faith in her, then perhaps she's going to surprise us.
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    Post Re: Dollhouse, anyone?

    I just keep wishing they'd given Amy Acker the lead role instead and made Eliza the doctor - not that she strikes me as the doc type!

    Hopefully she improves because I do kind of like the rest of the show.

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    Post Re: Dollhouse, anyone?

    I watched Friday's show - I think it is definitely getting better. did we know before this that Victor/Lubov was an active? If so, I missed that in the previous episodes.

    I also read somewhere that Joss Whedon is trying very hard to keep the identity of who will be playing Alpha a secret. It also said that we may have already seen him on the show. I'm not sure who it is. My b-f thinks it is Agent Ballard's female neighbor. I thought they had referred to "him" though.

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    The last four episodes of this show have gotten significantly better. But now I see that Fox is not even going to air episode 13 - instead they are saving it for the DVD. Apparently, the current season mostly wraps up in episode 12 and 13 sets up season 2. So, while it has not been officially canceled yet, it is not a good sign that Fox won't air the last eppy. It's a shame - after a weak initial go, it has improved every week to the point that it is one of the shows I am most looking forward to each week.

    Give it a chance, Fox!!

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