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Thread: Let's Go Racing!

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    Smile Let's Go Racing!

    Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Let's go racing! A new season is here again. I was rather disappointed in the Daytona 500 but then that's not surprising since Jr went a lap down rather early in the race. lol
    I am really hoping Jr gets more competetive this year, I need something to boost my morale.

    The changes are mind boggling this year! All the mergers and new teams and regular silly season stuff. Whew!

    So, anyone gonna join here for the new season?

    So, anything new going on with you ladies?

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    Re: Let's Go Racing!

    HellOOO Tigger! How the heck are ya?

    I was disappointed in the 500 too, even though a Ford ended up in victory lane. I truly don't think he would have if it hadn't been shortened by rain. But congrats to Matt anyway. A win is a win all the same. I was rooting for Jamie Mac in the 500 but he fell victim of the Vickers/Jr tango (which I am SOOO tired of hearing about already). There are ALOT of switch-ups this year, my husbands totally lost. I hoping for a good year for several underrated guys that deserve some spotlight and for ANYONE to de-throne the 48.

    Back in my fantasy league again this year. I finished in 4th last season. Not in the $$$ but above all the guys I work with which is all I care about. LOL! We've got a record number of them signed up this year. We'll have to see how good (or lucky) they are. I'm in 6th after the 500. I raced Jr, sure wish he'd have had a better day.

    How was your winter? Mine was hectic. 4 Thanksgivings and 6 Christmases. YIKES! Not complaining, I know the day will come when I don't have that many places left to go. Shelby's loving preschool! She didn't need to go for the ABC's and 123's but she still needed to go for all the other stuff. Avery's walking now & into everything. Think she's going to be a bit more ornery than Shelby ever was.

    Hubby's still working, even on OT still, but he's moved to the new plant in the town where we live. I am still busy as ever at work. Wrapping up my year end audit this week. Have a software conversion to concentrate on next month then I'm hoping to cut back to 5 day work weeks again. Not really complaining about work either, I know there are alot of people out there without jobs.

    Hope all is well with you!


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    Red face Re: Let's Go Racing!

    Hi Ladies,
    I was also disappointed in the 500 last weekend. We were really close to getting tickets and going and now I am really glad that we didn't. I am watching the Cali race right now and I am disappointed to see that Newman already has problems with less than 10 laps in the book! I hope he can get the lucky dog and get back on track!
    My brother doesn't work in Nascar anymore(he currently doesn't have a job). At least we were spoiled rotten and got to live it up in Daytona last summer. We will always have those memories, pictures and autographs to remember it by.
    My husband will soon he without a job as well. He works for Honda making four wheelers. Of course they aren't selling so they have offered their employees a voluntary separation package. We have contemplated him not taking it but fear that either three months down the road they will close with no offer of a package or they will cut his pay (they have said they might) so I think we are going to take the package.
    Shortness, glad to hear your family is doing well. Sounds like you have your hands full with Avery walking!
    Tiggermom, glad you posted today. I wandered over here last weekend but didn't see any post so wasn't sure if anyone would be here this year or not.
    Hope you ladies have a great Sunday!



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