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Thread: Because I'm really good at stressing out...

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    blog Because I'm really good at stressing out...

    I'm starting a vision board.

    I've toyed with the idea for awhile now, but always kinda thought it was silly. Yes, I do believe that if you think positively about certain things (let's face it, I'm too jaded to think happy thoughts all of the time) that positive things will come your way.

    Why the sudden urge to do it? I spent all of Tuesday and most of yesterday totally bummed out.

    I kept thinking about all the things I don't have, can't have, can't afford, blah blah blah. Just generally icky thoughts. I was also obsessing over my want for a "big girl camera" and convincing myself I could look but never touch.

    That's ridiculous. I mean's absurd. What a stupid thing to be upset about!

    Then I started to get mad for feeling sorry for myself. Then I got tired of being mad.

    So I decided it was time to set my sights on my desires, make them possible in my mind instead of unattainable, and create one of them there fancy vision boards.

    So far, it's just a print out of the camera I want (Nikon D90) taped to the side of my desk lamp (because I can't ignore it there) and would you believe it... I actually feel better. Really.

    When I look at the picture I can actually feel it in my hands and I'm instantly happier because I know one day I'll have it.

    So whether I got it today, tomorrow or 6 months from now, I am instantly gratified by the feeling I get when I think about it. Rather than feeling sorry for my financial hurdles, I smile knowing the camera is definitely mine...I just don't have it in my hands yet.

    But I will. Most definitely.

    And now I know I can start to feel better about larger, more consuming issues (like money, relationships, etc) by knocking the smaller things out of the way. Hopefully this is the road to a less worrisome me. A little bit less stressed out me, because big or small, I'll always find a way to stress about it...and I'm sooooo over that.

    So, if you were to start a vision board right now, what would be on it? A vacation? Money for the bills? A new jacket?

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    Post Re: Because I'm really good at stressing out...

    Mine is not a board, it's a notebook.
    With a picture pasted on each page.
    So far there is a picture of a lake house, things with which I would decorate "my room" in that lake house, and a text page for good wishes for my loved ones.
    But now that you mention it, a better camera needs to go in there too.
    I left room under each picture to write things about it.
    Wish big Oda, wish big.


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