SOD: Chloe Gives Birth

This week, Billy reveals to Lily that he's the father of Chloe's child while they're at the Abbott cabin. Angry, Lily goes off on Chloe when she arrives -- but things turn serious when Chloe goes into labor.

The bad news? They're all trapped in a storm, so Lily and Billy are the only options for delivering the newborn. Lily calls up Olivia, who instructs them over the telephone. "Billy is upset about Lily, but there are more pressing things at hand," notes Billy Miller (Billy). "All he cares about is making sure that Chloe and the baby are okay."

Lily and Billy end up using a sled to get Chloe to Cane and an ambulance. Once they get to the hospital, the doctor reports that there were complications during the delivery and both Chloe and her daughter are in serious danger.

Lily rails at Billy and tries talking him into telling Cane the truth about the baby's paternity. Billy ends up going to a bar, where he gets drunk and runs into... Sharon?!

Billy and Sharon leave the bar together. "It's very surprising, but both are in a bad place," says Miller. "Let's just say that misery loves company!"

Later, guilt gets to Chloe and she finally decides to tell Cane the truth... about everything.

SOW: Billy Hooks Up with Sharon

That's right! All in one week, Billy manages to deliver Chloe's baby, get drunk at a bar and have sex with Sharon.

"Billy does his best thinking at a bar," chuckles Billy Miller. "And he's always finding trouble." Indeed!

The unexpected hookup with his big brother's ex happens after Billy tells Chloe that he knows he's the father of her baby, and he's forced to deliver their baby at a cabin. "There's no more hiding here," says Miller. "Everything comes out."

Chloe argues with Billy through her contractions. Eventually, Cane arrives and declares that he's in love with Lily, just as Billy announces that Chloe has finally given birth. Meanwhile, Cane is still convinced that the newborn is his child.

Chloe ends up bleeding and they know they have to get her to the hospital, ASAP. Billy and Cane end up carrying Chloe down a hill to an ambulance.

Once they arrive at the hospital, the doctor reveals that Chloe has septicemia, a condition that could potentially kill her. Things get more intense for Billy when Lily rails at him for all his lies.

Billy leaves to get drunk and forget all his troubles, but Jack shows up and tries to talk some some sense into him. Jack has made the same mistake of not raising his child or being the best father he should have been, so Billy takes his advice to heart.

Billy makes his way back to the hospital where he plans to do the right thing. He wants to tell Cane the truth. "But Cane, who's got this holier-than-thou complex, sees Billy is drunk and says he can't be near the baby. What was to be a peaceful confrontation turns into a not-so-peaceful confrontation. And Billy's hauled off by the neck of a 6-foot-7 orderly."

So it's back to the bar for Billy, where he continues drinking and eventually bumps into Sharon, who's drinking away her sorrows as well. "She's good and hammered," laughs Milly. "Billy says, 'Why don't we commiserate here, and at the end of the day it will be like we never saw each other.' So they share a few drinks and get loaded. It starts out totally innocent."

Then, "things get really crazy," teases Miller. "Billy is trying to make up his mind. What is he doing to do about Chloe and the baby? He needs to get out of this fog, and Sharon's cute. It looks like there's going to be big trouble for little Billy."

My opinion Hoping Cane isn't Philip so Lily can become a more bigger fool.