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Thread: People get OUTRAGED!

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    hey Jolau...don't you think it is strange that no documentary has ever been done on that mass exodus? doesn't that say something?...I think it does and I think an ethnic cleansing scenario has been covered up and it was the only way Israel would be able to operate as a democracy....(remove the majority)
    "Ethnic cleansing" is STILL going on over there. If Isreal cared as much about peace as they do about land acquisition, there would be peace.

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    Re: People get OUTRAGED!

    How can there be so many diferent takes on this very important event in modern history?... my Britanica says they just left if fear of Isralie domination and felt they would attack....I saw one documentary that was totally pro Arab showing Isralie tanks mowing over tents and Arabs running for their was at a university... I find it extremely odd that NOWHERE has the history channel or PBS EVER (at least I've never seen one) done one... that tells me there has been a cover up...what about newspaper clippings from the area at the time?...750k leave their homes, jobs, businesses in a matter of 15 months because a new flag was put up?...I dunno.. I'd like to see some interviews from both sides that are well documented.... don't hold your breath waiting though


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