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Thread: Summer viewing.......or booing?

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    [quote=TangoTia;3901]Funny you should mention "Damages." A friend and I were just talking about that show and how we forget when it's on so haven't caught it yet. I need to find it then sit Bob's gizmo to record it.

    It's on FX (not Fox) and I had trouble finding it at first. It's first run on Tuesday nights 9pm central (10pm for you?) but then it's rerun on other days usually at 10pm central.

    I also caught The "Grace" (don't remember the name)show with Holly Hunter. I love her and this character.

    I agree about singing bee. I'm sure I know a song but NOT!!! I don't know how they do it. They have waaay too much time on their hands.

    What are you reading TT? I'm reading the last Harry Potter book right now and also The Amber Room by Steve Barry since I saw the reproduction of it in St. Petersburg. Very exquisite.

    Enjoy those motorcycles!


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    Found it CQ! We never ever watch anything on FX, so we TiVo'd it and watched. Both of us were confused trying to get into it because it's obviously a show you about have to catch from the first to know what's up with all the characters, plotline, ect; but we both like Glen Close & Ted Danson so well we're determined to hang in with it till we get the drift. We also like offbeat Grace and her fine feathered friend, scruffy angel, in Saving Grace, but dd's didn't like it at all. Guess it's appeal doesn't reach everyone.

    What am I reading...........ok, sit down for this 'cause you're never going to believe it. I'm reading a chick lit book, "Undead and Unwed." About a very funny (like in both 'ha-ha' and 'odd') vampire with very un-vampire characteristics. So funny! There's a whole series based on this character so I'm going to be getting them all and sitting around laughing out loud to myself. Yes, I's time to talk about me getting a life! However, I do have Suzanne Brockmans latest mystery waiting on me as well as Greg Rucka's "A Fistful of Rain."

    Still waiting to hear all about your trip to Russia. Can I assume there are pictures I should be getting soon? Hmmmmmm?

    Ta ta! TT


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