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Thread: The Baby Switch

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    Post The Baby Switch

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired just thinking about how long this sl will drag out and how many "close calls" Nicole is going to have in trying to keep her secret.

    I'm betting Mia will change her mind and then the drama will begin, and in 2012 they'll figure it all out long after most of us have quit watching again.

    This sl is so Dena!

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    Re: The Baby Switch

    I figure something is going to go wrong with the baby and they will need blood --- will have to check the hospital records for a match for her and low and behold - sammi is a match.

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    Re: The Baby Switch

    Stupid storyline

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    Re: The Baby Switch

    Kind of funny that EJ is now (unknowingly) involved with the same type of baby switch that he was involved in as an infant (when Kristen pretended that EJ was John's baby that she gave birth to, after having a miscarriage and pretending to be pregnant).


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