Hey gals,

Just had to share a site I found today called RedTagCrazy.com.

From their about:
We sell one hot item from one sought-after label at a time, casual and designer, at deep discounts of 50-80%. Quantities are limited, time is limited, and our attention span is limited - so stay awake. We'll work hard to find the brands you want, as long as you work hard to continue buying them. This is retail therapy at its finest, and you'll never hit the mall again.
For example, there's a $110 pair of jeans up right now for $49! And earlier they had a $155 dress up for $33!! Also, they're going to have contests to win $100 prizes (to shop there) and they currently have a handful of ways to earn $5.

Like if you enter my email (oda[@]w3pg[dot]com) in the promotional code, we both get $5 towards a purchase.

Seriously, go check it out. I'm hooked and dying to see what the next item up for sale is.