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Thread: Ron Paul has more cash on hand than John McCain

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    Post Ron Paul has more cash on hand than John McCain

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!! Such, such, such a shame!!

    From ABC News:

    Ron Paul Tops McCain in Cash on Hand

    ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Reports: Though often regarded as a longshot candidate for president, Republican Ron Paul tells ABC News that he has an impressive $2.4 million in cash on hand after raising an equal amount during the second quarter, putting him ahead of one-time Republican frontrunner John McCain, who reported this week he has only $2 million in the bank.


    If Ron Paul conserves his money wisely, he might be able to break away from the 2nd tier pack and trounce John McCain in the 3rd quarter. I think it's almost official. Put a fork in McCain. He's about done with presidential politics!!!

    Props to Harry Reid and the fake immigration legislation that he proposed last month for making it possible!! With George Allen last year and John McCain in the first half of this year, that's 2 down for us Dems and 2 more (Frederick of Hollywood and Ghouliani) to go....
    "It's hard for your opponent to tell lies about you if your fist is in his mouth."

    --Bill Clinton

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    Re: Ron Paul has more cash on hand than John McCain

    LOL at "Gouliani"! Oh yes........when the rest of the country finds out just how GOULISH and arbitrary he really was while Mayor- they will realize that he's definitely not presidential material.
    The very last thing the country needs now is another delusional, ignorant and....well, INSANE man in office who thinks he's a monarch.
    Good for Ron Paul........I'm SO glad he's getting the funding. And showing all these other Republicans for the imposters they really are.


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