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you need to understand politics and governing sandy..they can sometimes be confusing...I know but just think for a moment...

when it comes to the overall war on terror, bin ladin's capture would do little in the overall scheme of things... therefore his comments about not being overly concerned about it is very accurate...that is from the governing side of things...BUT politically it would be huge and you know it...the airwaves and all.... don't forget the left loves to talk about OBL a lot too..

but just keep up with the facts and you'll do a lot better
I have to agree in some regard that bin Laden's capture ...at this point would make great news, but would not change much with the fact that a great deal of the Middle East has a full blown war on their doorstep in Iraq for a few years now. Millions of Iragis who had the ability have fled their homes for santuary in Syria, Jordan, Iran, etc.

This other regions are now dealing with a crisis of refugees and I doubt that there's a big love status going on with either those who have had to abandon their homes/jobs or with those other countries who've ended up with the refugees who are cyphoning (sp?) resources from those states.

The problem that has been created in the Middle East is now far beyond simply smoking out or hunting down bin Laden or al Queada. Time and time again, as history reveals itself, the majority of the populas in Arab states rebuffs outside influence as to reform.

Change only happens when the masses deem it so. The masses are not there in support of US/allied intervention and if it were then the Iraqi people would have stood up to make it so, not just with elections, but with equitable force as well.