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Thread: RYLOOO ! Happy Birthday

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    Post RYLOOO ! Happy Birthday

    One day late... not bad for me. I hope your birthday was the happiest ever.

    I miss you and all the gURLs, would love, love, love an update on the Rylettes and every other thing going on in your life. Same goes for all you MIA gURLs... til, Sooz, jgk, Virginia, bigfan, Reese, NCgurl, Dharma, Elmo, craz4dogs (Megan, Remo and Melinda are here sometimes) ... who am I forgetting?
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    Re: RYLOOO ! Happy Birthday

    Ons is nie almal so nie.

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    Post Okay, okay...

    Happy belated Rylo! I shudder to think how old the Rylettes are getting.

    Me? I'm watching a classic movie (Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte) trying to wind down from an intense week at work (Hey, Pooh just showed up in the movie!).

    I'd love nothing more that visit with the GUrls again - sit at the computer and click on the coffee cup, waiting for a reply - but there just isn't enough time right now.

    Hope everyone is doing well - I think about you all often and great fun we had.

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    Post Re: RYLOOO ! Happy Birthday

    hey Annie! Happy New year! Hope everyone is well.
    (new name---can't remember my old password)
    I'm with Virginia--if only there were more time in the day;-)

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    Post Re: RYLOOO ! Happy Birthday

    Hello, all of you. Amie Annie, bonsoir.

    Happy birthday to my demented friend and hopeless Green-Day-lover Rylo, with whom I haven't been in touch in forever, and I hate that, but whatcha gonna do. (Was that the big 40 that hit you, BTW? 'Cause the big 50 caught up with me...)

    Sadly, I haven't been in touch with my little bigfan, either, except for sporadic messages on MyFace, or SpaceBook, or what's it called again?

    My love and affection to the old gang.


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