I am awfully bad too. Sometimes I feel like I live in a cave in the wintertime! I literally hibernate. Today is a beautiful day, cold but lovely blue skies. I don't think we are anywhere near spring yet, we had an absolutely rotten December with lots and lots of snow, really unusual for our part of the country. We even had a white Christmas, snowed Christmas morning, which was really cool.

Hubby is looking forward to May 1 when the beloved bike goes back on the road. He even booked the day off work!! I asked him what if it is raining? Oh well, what a goof.

Lots of coughs and bronchitis going around. Little Rhys (8 mths) had bronchitis and it was quite scarey. Rick and I both have the coughs now where we sound like we are going to cough up both lungs.

So looking forward to some nice warm springtime weather, can't come any time too soon for me.

It is nice to see the new posts, keep up the good work ladies!!

Take care, Penny