I hope you are all well and have not only made your new year resolutions but have stuck to them!!! I hope you are all keeping warm and safe.
It is very cold but no snow here and I am getting used to rural life - I am here on my own a lot so I do miss friends and family but when the house is finished they will hopefully be here quite a lot. The animals are sweeties though - especially my baby boys (Normande steers!) and the sheep are funny! My hens are laying eggs like crazy despite the cold - just wish the kitchen was in!! The dog is good company - though I think she has picked up some very bad habits in the institution (she's from a rescue home)! I'm catching up on 'House' and I got hold of all the 'Thirtysomething' series so I have plenty to watch! I'm off to a quilting B next week and a kind friend has lent me a spinning wheel and some fleece so I can get spinning (my stuffs still in storage). Anyways - new year new beginning - especially for some of you and yours.
Good luck
Liz x