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Thread: I'm finally back online!!

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    Hi all;

    I'm glad to be back online after my computer crisis. I got a horrible virus that the techs couldn't clear so they had to crash my computer to get rid of it. They recommended I purchase a new virus protector, which I did, and I got my computer back, minus all my stuff. Well about a month or so later I got the EXACT SAME virus again and had to go through a second crash with no explanation as to how it got through the virus protector. Now I'm paranoid that it will happen again. But anyhoo.... got my computer back and I'm a happy girl.

    We are finally getting some summer here in beautiful British Columbia and it is lovely. Our Spring has sucked, way too much rain for my liking. How is everybody else doing?

    Does anyone have any great summer plans?? We aren't planing anything at this point because unfortunately, it looks like my hubby will be off on strike shortly. They (Steelworkers) served strike notice yesterday and they have till Friday. They are still talking, though, which is a good sign. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    I haven't been up to much of anything. Babysitting my grandkids whenever I get the change. They are so damn cute and always are good for lots of laughs. Now that the weather is getting nicer we will probably start taking our car, we have a 1966 Dodge Charger, into car shows again. We enjoy doing that.

    Well, just thought I'd touch base and see how everyone is doing. Liz, how is your grandad? Eldri, I love your avatar. I have to find myself one of those. Are you more comfortable with the format now?

    Take care all,

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    Re: I'm finally back online!!

    I have been gone for awhile and when I get back look at all the changes. Well I am going to give it a try.

    My computor is old and rickety and is not alway the most friendly piece of machinery, but it sounds like you have been having a worse time than I have. Sure is scary how problems can sneak though isn't it.

    So sorry to hear about your hubbys strike. What a hassle. My hubby just retired and it has been so much fun to ignore the clock. We are exploring all the ways to 'veg'.

    Spring has been off and on this year with rain then sun, but it has turned 'wichedly' hot the last few days. It is actually only in the 80's today (here in Western Washington state), but it is up to 106 in some places in Eastern Washington state. *sheesh* That is very unusual for this state.

    Well I am going to try and post this and see if it works.


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    I say we have a mass revolt and set about abolishing all computer virus'! If only it were that simple! So, Penny......great to see you here now that you have escaped the deadly virus(s). So frustrating! I put a faulty computer....for whatever it's reason to be faulty....right up there with a car that won't start or has to have a lot of sweet-talk and pleading to perform correctly. Both should be shot and layed to rest. You can see how patient I am with anything mechanical/technical/engineeringly faulty.

    So, how are you enjoying this new format? I'm liking it now that I've wandered around and looked it over and tried it out. Now, if some of our other friends would jump in and try it out.

    Will keep you and your hubby in my positive thoughts that all goes well with the strike and he's soon back at work. Till talks work out, enjoy having him at home as a playmate!

    Speaking of playmates, enjoy the grandkiddies. What are their ages? Our nearest grandchild is driving over to spend the weekend with us. DRIVING! Yes, she's old enough....barely. In SD the kids can drive with an adult along at 14 and drive alone at 15. She's 15, so she's old enough and qualified, but she's still my baby! Just doesn't seem right. She's the one that loves to cook, hang out at the bookstore with me and walk through the gardens, so she has the weekend all mapped out for us.

    What fun to have a car to take to car shows. My hubby used to have a '59 Olds that he kept in such great shape it even sit in the single car garage while my car was forced to withstand the elements. To enter it in car shows he would've actually had to take it out of the garage.

    Unlike your part of the country, we're still in drought conditions and getting worse with every passing day. We've already had some nasty forest fires and everything is turning a nasty shade of brown where it should be green. Nobodies looking forward to the start of the annual motorcyle rally that brings thousands and thousands of bikers/campers into the area in a couple of weeks. Always some nitwits that don't heed the fire warnings.

    Great summer plans......hmmmm.......can't think of any. Have some visitors coming for visits and we plan on going to Colorado for a visit with relatives and friends. That's about it.

    Ta ta! Kay

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    Post This is like a movie, "Yea, the Girlfriends Are Back"

    So happy to see you Pink! Been forever it seems since I last "chatted" with you. Don't blame your absence on your computer.....just admit you and your hubby have been having way too much fun since he retired for you to hang out with us!

    We're yucky hot here also. Been in the 90's for ages but, tomorrow we had for 3 digit temps. However, we're lucky here because our evenings really cool off so, that's when we enjoy the outdoors. We generally have a few days in the 90's here, but this is very uncommon for a heatwave to stick around so long and with so little rain. My relatives in western WA have actally complained about the rain. I've threatened to come up there and smack'em.

    Now Pink, we can either make your husband an honorary member of this board and he can check in and yak with us to or you'll just have to leave him to his own devices so you can come hang out with us more often. I've tried to rally the troops so they'll start posting more, but I think most of them are slogged down in summertime fun.

    Ta ta! Kay

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    Re: I'm finally back online!!

    Penny, so sorry that your puter had a virus. Thats so awful. I had one a few years ago and had to go without for awhile. Computers are like cars. You may not use them everyday but when you want to use it, you want it to start up without problems.

    We went thru a dry-hot spell, but now we are having thunderstorms every few days. I don't think I would like 3 digit temps. Our high temps usually come with high humitidy and makes you feel sticky and need a shower two or three times a day, lol......

    I have went back to work, started last Thurs. Its really HARD to get back into the swing of getting up at 5am and working 8-9 hrs. I did enjoy my 2 yrs off. Dh did get on my nerves sometime, looking for something he cant find and its in front of his face. What would he ever do without me????

    Good to see you back in the room Penny and welcome to Pink, I've missed all our friends.

    So how ya'll liking this new format? I like it very well.

    See ya later!!!
    Have a great day!

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    Re: I'm finally back online!!

    I am still trying to get a handle on this new format. I am trying to get color for the text. Maybe my computor it to old. We will see!

    We has some cool rain last week, but this week has been hot. Next week it is supose to get even hotter. It is supose to be WET here in Western Washingon, not HOt. I guess I shouldn't gripe, you guys sound like you are putting up with a lot more heat than we are.

    Well, lets see if I got color. LOL!

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    Re: I'm finally back online!!

    Guess that didn't work!


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