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Thread: "Barack the Magic Negro"

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    Re: "Barack the Magic Negro"

    You know what? I read the article and don't think it's that big of a deal, either. They are ignorant fools, of course, but if it were on SNL we might laugh.

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    Re: "Barack the Magic Negro"

    yeah it really isn't a big deal. I was talking with a black friend and she told me it wasn't a bad word to her and that she had relatives who got money from the "United NEGRO College Fund". I never thought about that but we both had a chuckle over it. You never know the new politically correct rules until you make it up. In fact the other word is more common in use for blacks to refer to other blacks.

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    Post Re: "Barack the Magic Negro"

    Thank you heartpulse for mentioning The United Negro College Fund.
    And everyone who said that "negro" is a derogatory word...
    take that.

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    Post Re: "Barack the Magic Negro"

    "Negro" is not a derogatory word in's just the context it's used in that is uncommon these days.

    The United Negro College Fund was incorporated in 1944 by Frederick Patterson. At the time that was the term of the day.


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