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    I would never have gotten this shot if it weren't for my son.
    I was busy with Christmas dinner preparations, when he spotted this Mother and three fawns out back.
    I walked towards them slowly and stopped when the Mother looked at me.
    She started stomping her front hoof, a sure sign that she found me hostile.
    I didn't move at all, just enough to take the picture.
    When she figured out that I wasn't a danger to her and her children, they took off into the woods.
    It was an amazing experience.

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    Re: Unexpected Visitors

    OMG I looo ve them!!! I wish I had seen some deer while I was upstate. No luck, but we saw a TON of birds. Enough for me to ask if the back yard had been turned into some kind of bird sanctuary. LOL
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    I have always hated that fence.
    Never more than yesterday when it got in the way of that picture.
    Our condo association thought we would all "ooo" and "ah" over it as some
    kind of "protective" measure.
    Me, well it just messes up my view and my photographs.
    We see deer out back on a regular basis. We aren't too far from the State Park and sometimes they wander over our way.

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    Re: Unexpected Visitors

    Great picture.

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    Re: Unexpected Visitors

    Fantastic shot! I love that they are looking at you. We get quite a few traipsing through the yard but if my camera is near by, they seem to deliberately avoid looking my way. Great timing.

    Ry, it seems like a bird sanctuary sometimes. Michael would love it to be so. It's the deliberate feeding of the squirrels that I find pretty odd. Originally, he thought if he fed the squirrels, they would leave the bird food alone, but you really can't reason with those guys. They are all crazy fat now. I should try to get some fat squirrel shots, they have gotten so tame that it would probably be pretty easy.
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