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    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - An online leak about the Primetime Emmy Award finalists in the comedy and drama series categories raised questions Monday about the security and future of the Emmy voting process.

    When ( posted the list of the top 10 finalists in each category during the weekend, citing multiple judges who were screening the series as sources, it also shed light on this year's voting process.

    According to the Los Angeles Times-operated site, the drama finalists are ABC's "Boston Legal," "Grey's Anatomy" and "Lost"; NBC's "Friday Night Lights" and "Heroes"; Fox's "House" and "24"; Showtime's "Dexter"; and HBO's "Rome" and "The Sopranos."

    The comedy finalists, according to the site, are ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and "Ugly Betty"; NBC's "My Name Is Earl," "The Office," "Scrubs" and "30 Rock"; CBS' "Two and a Half Men"; HBO's "Entourage" and "Extras"; and Showtime's "Weeds."

    The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which oversees the Primetime Emmy Awards, declined comment on the accuracy of the lists. The final five nominees in each category -- or six, if the vote is close enough -- will be unveiled on July 19.
    I wonder if these are real or some goofy plant to generate interest in the Award show. Anyone have some favorites in the groups?
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    The only show on the whole list that I actually watch is LOST. I have seen House a few times, and Hugh Laurie absolutely deserves an acting nomination. It's hard for me to get invested in network TV ... all the shows I like get pulled off the air, usually without storyline resolution and often in ways that make no sense. Case in point: Reba. Highest rated comedy on the CW network, and they yanked it because it didn't fit their demographic. Whatever! I'll stick with syndicated programs and soap operas, and go to bed early.
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