We got snow over the weekend, about 16" and they forecast more starting tomorrow. I absolutely HATE driving in the snow and tend to hibernate when it snows but I've left my Christmas shopping last things and now I have to go out and get them. The forecast just keeps predicting more snow to come and I don't want to chance it just building up and up. At least the roads are plowed and today is supposed to be clear and sunny, very cold though, -18c with the wind chill. Maybe we will have a white Christmas. We haven't had one of those in years as we don't normally get a lot of snow at all.

So, is everyone ready for Christmas? I am so not. I haven't baked, finished shopping, wrapped. I did get my Christmas cards out (Yay for me) and I decorated the house on the weekend... that is it. I am so unorganized this year.

Take care