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    Was anyone else into this show last year? I thought it was SO good - really different from a lot of the other stuff, particularly other scifi type stuff that is out there. It was kind of quirky and funny and just...I liked it a lot!

    I saw a promo during Ghost Hunters recently that they are going to start the second season of Eureka next week - on July 10th. I'm excited, I had no idea the second season was that close!

    Is anyone else going to be watching?

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    Re: SciFi's Eureka

    Yes! Count me in! We really enjoyed this show last summer, or whenever it was on last. Happy to see they are getting a second season.

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    Me too! So often good shows like this don't get overlooked, I'm really glad that this one seems to have done so well (I seem to remember reading it got really good ratings for Scifi last summer.) I'm really happy that it's about to be back. (Tomorrow night! Yay)

    Who was your favorite character? I thought the sheriff (Carter) was so cute and awesome.

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    Re: SciFi's Eureka

    My favorite characters are Carter, Stark and Fargo. I can't wait for the next season to start. We'll get a bit of Beverly and her ulterior motives this next season, I believe. I hope more suspense about it comes to light.

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    Post SciFis Eureka

    I feel the same way as driftsmoke. Its really great that youre still getting Eureka moments from stuff you thought you already knew. No matter how many times you do something, no matter how well you think you know it, youll always continue to be surprised. And this is proof of that _ Its what makes life fun and gives it spice.


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