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Thread: Witness Protection Program??

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    Question Witness Protection Program??

    What is with this witness protection program Sammi has entered?

    She can't even be in a room in the apartment by herself? In a horrid, dismal, small apartment. No visitors, no pictures.

    Now best as I can recall -- wasn't Sammi and the twins in the same program a few months ago? Yet she stayed in this fancy, large home with EJ and the twins. Visitors came and went. At least, I think I remember Lexie coming to visit EJ at some point.

    Am I remembering correctly? Wasn't she hiding from Stephano. Was it also suppose to be the witness protection program as well?

    If both situtations where suppose to involve Sammi in the Witness Protection Program -- the program sure does vary a lot don't you think?

    Thanks for helping me to clarify and to remember.


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    Re: Witness Protection Program??

    You're remembering correctly. It doesn't make sense.

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    Re: Witness Protection Program??

    Maybe due to the economy they had to scale down to a run down apartment!! LOL!

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    Re: Witness Protection Program??

    Question - why can't I log into the old board and post a note. I enter all the info it says ok welcome and then I can't reply to any message - Please helppp

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    Re: Witness Protection Program??

    Did you try clicking on the coffeecup at the top of the page? I post on the old OLTL board and after I log in, I have to refresh the page by clicking on the coffeecup. Try it and see.


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