Kristen: Dude...your shoes...did you steal them from a homeless person
or something?

Robert: Sshh, I am flashing my whimsical, vampire grin at that photographer over there.

Kirsten: And what's with the hair? Did you like load it up with gel and then run through a wind tunnel.

Robert: I'm proving a point. I'm hot stuff right now. I can wear anything I want and get away with it.

Kirsten: Not likely.

Robert: Speaking of clothing, I see you are sporting yet another dress you can't bend over in without flashing the world your booty.

Kristen: I have been told that I have hot legs and I should show them off at every opportunity.

Robert: You might want to chose a pattern that doesn't look like an optical illusion.

Kristen: Oh look, there's Kenneth Cole. Perhaps he can do an intervention on your footwear.