Did anyone see the Truck race tonight? I watched the end of it to see who was gonna win the championship. I really like Benson so I was happy to see him win it!
Anyone see DW on This Week In Nascar today? It was a special edition and they asked DW about the chase and how in the beginning he was not a fan. He said yeah he had his doubts and they've been proven to be true, that the chase is not working. YAY! I wish someone in charge would listen! He pointed out how the chase was created to make drama and excitement and make for a close race for the championship and that there is no chase in either the truck or Nationwide series and yet they both have tighter, more exciting championship races than the cup series. YUP! That's what I'm saying! The chase is a snoozer for me!! I keep thinking I'll get used to it but I honestly think I hate it more every year.
Something's gotta give cuz I miss my Nascar love. lol
So, you guys know how I feel about the chase, I'm wondering what you guys think about it? Do you like it, love it, hate it, couldn't care less about it? I do know a couple of people who like it, but I don't get it. But I'm curious about how, if at all, the chase has impacted your enjoyment of the sport.
It was great to see DW again today! I miss him.