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    Where is everyone? Has everyone given up on certain age. Maybe you've been busy, cleaning the gardens(I got that done)....planted some pansys the other day. Leaves falling like crazy here so guess who will be raking leaves. At least the ones close to the house. May check into the leaf blower thing. Raking kills my back.
    Does anyone have snow? I saw SD had some.
    Ok someone check in and tell what you;re doing. Has anyone found other boards to post on. I do post on a couple others.
    Take care! CJ
    Have a great day!

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    Hi! I'm always around checking the board for action. I also check the pier daily, that is a pretty active board. I don't know what is the matter with this one, why it is so quiet, but it is sad to see. Anyhoo... we don't have any snow here where I live in British Columbia but have loads of RAIN. Every day just seems to be varying degrees of the amount of rain you will see. Gets a bit wearysome after awhile. I guess that is why we are called the "wet coast". We live in a townhome so our leaves are raked up for us, one of the perks covered by our strata fee. We downsized from our home to this townhome about 4 years ago and love it. It is just hubby and myself... and our dog of course!

    What are everyones plans for Christmas? Travelling, staying at home, relatives or what?? This year we will have Christmas with both of our kids and their families which will be great. My daughter is having Christmas day and my son and his family (including his new baby boy) will be coming for the day so we are really looking forward to it.

    Anyway, Soapy, glad you posted. Hopefully the others will come back too. Take care, Penny

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    Hey there!
    I'm still here - checking in now and again. We've had some big storms here - rain comes in from the southwest over the Atlantic. But today was a lovely sunny day - I have DH and DD here at the moment (they go back to England next Tuesday) so we have been fencing outside. Some of you know I'm setting up a new garden here in France - managed to get some gooseberries and blackcurrants planted and hope to get cabbage plants out and plant some onions and garlic. Its popular to plant by the moon here - using lunar cycles to coincide with the water requirements of the plants. I've managed to track down a ram to come and 'visit' my sheep so hopefully we'll have lambs next April! My first winter here so no idea what to expect! I'm told that if the wind changes to the North East we get cold from Russia overland!
    Christmas! well it will be camping out in this big old shell of a farmhouse! But the wine is cheap here! Regarding Christmas cards - I seem to have lost my address book in the move (I have a lot of boxes still in storage back in England) so if you would like me to send you a card please mail me your address - I'd be pleased to do it so don't be shy!
    Meantime - get posting ladies!
    Liz x


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