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    Cool Eish

    It is officially COLD in SA.
    Yesterday it SNOWED in Johannesburg for the first time since, well, since the year I was born. Eek. Anybody got a spare blanket, beanie, ear muffs, mittens, thermal socks, etc? (see I'm getting blue in the face already).
    Ons is nie almal so nie.

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    Re: Eish

    And we are baking here in NY. Well, baking doesn't do it justice. We are in a giant, airless steam room. I am hermetically sealed in my house with the AC on high. My neighbor's guy took off to play gold today. I thought he might be nuts before, but now I'm certain of it.

    So I'll send off bundles off woolies for you, bigfan, packed in a box full of our rancid air. You send me some of that cold and maybe we can all even out to a nice "normal" sort of day. We used to have those, didn't we? Our Spring lasted about 10 days this year. Winter didn't start until January. I don't know what that season between November and January was, but not much of it was good.

    Yikes, I'm weather ranting again!
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    Wink Re: Eish

    Oh, I can't help but chuckle. I grew up in northern NY and it's hotter there than it is in Florida for most of the summer. Plus, I have the ocean 15 minutes away and everything is air-conditioned in Florida! AND no shoveling snow! How did I get so lucky?

    Sorry about the snow in J-burg ... stay warm!
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    Re: Eish

    and some people say there is no global warming. If it's not global warming, then what is going on? It sure seems as if the weather is doing the unexpected, and unwanted in so many places right now.

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    Re: Eish

    Sorry to hear about your weather problems too, Annie. i escaped for a few days to the warmer Lowveld (temperatures there rarely go below mid twenties, in Celsius), and on the night I decide to go on a safari-type drive on an open truck AND get the job of holding the search light, guess what strikes? Gale-force, icy winds. I had a hard job keeping that light straight against the wind. And we could of course see very little game through al the dust. Got my eyeballs sandblasted in the process, too, seeing as I was the one who was supposed to spot the animals. BUT it was a good experience nonetheless. The next night we thought we'd try our luck again and had much better weather and saw some beautiful animals. And I decided to steer way clear of the search light. (Had some unappreciative Americans behind us though who thought it was "a disaster" because we didn't see all of the Big Five. If only they had been there the night before, they would have seen A DISASTER in all its capacity. )

    Keep cool. Humid heat is the pitts.

    P.S. Happy 4th of July to all the Americans!
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