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Thread: Anyone reading "Twilight?"

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    Re: Anyone reading "Twilight?"

    Yes, that's Kristen Stewart. She plays Bella, the lead. She was the little girl in Panic Room, remember? I have seen a few interviews with her and she's acts a little superior, imo. She's only 18, so I'm sure it's just immaturity, but she always comes across to me like she is above all this silly Twilight stuff. She is very pretty and good in the movie, tho.

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    Re: Anyone reading "Twilight?"

    I don't like her. She's too uppity for me. She was kind of rude to Robert P. on the Today show and I felt sorry for him. She was really boring with David Letterman.

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    Re: Anyone reading "Twilight?"

    I feel kinda the same, but I'm trying not to hate her, she is Bella after all,lol!

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    <3'd the Twilight books!! I own and have read all four Can't wait to see Breaking Dawn this November

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    Re: Anyone reading "Twilight?"

    Ugh, these books are cancer. They promote unrealistic expectation in girls, we've had enough of this problem with boys. This is like 50 shades of grey, pure emotional porn.


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