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    Remo, would a cursed doll given as a gift really cause a house to become active with paranormal stuff? AND.. a Catholic prayer make it all go away? I'm a catholic, and I don't so.. any thoughts?
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    Oh, how did I miss this?
    I believe in the power of intention.
    Therefore, I believe anything given with extreme negative thought could cause a bad karma for the place where it is housed.
    I also believe in the fact that blessing and prayer could counteract that item that was given with extreme negative thought.
    I also believe that society as a whole, would benefit greatly if people spent more time in positive thought than they do in negative thought.
    Unfortunately, we seem to have been programmed towards the negative side.
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    Re: Voodoo Dolls

    I thought I replied to this months ago.

    I think voodoo and curses are belief. If I tell you I've cursed you and you believe it, then anytime something goes wrong you will blame it on the curse. Also if you believe in the curse you are more focused on the negative and chances are that is what you will get.

    I don't think in general it will work. I have a cute little voodoo doll a friend made me, and I had a chocolate voodoo doll. Neither have had any effect on the intended target But the chocolate one was yummy!


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