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Thread: An insult 2 all fans, faithful & otherwise

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    I despise how they have Sami comfortably interacting with a man that IMHO not only raped her, but then tried to use his crime to keep the man of her dreams from marrying her, as if it were an affair or something.Any strides the Sami character has made are being obliterated as we speak.
    It makes me sick the way she allowed EJ to manipulate her and didn't report the crime although her whole family is in the police force. EJ's sexual sadism is unforgivable and the whole storyline was an insult to women. I participate in those Days surveys NBC sends out and I wrote them a number of long harangues about it; I'm glad they finally got the message.

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    I hate the rape sl as well but I completely understand why Sami didn't press charges. She's gone that route before and it ended up in hurt and humiliation. The rest of the sl is poop.


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