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Thread: Cate Foward or Konnie Halconari...

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    Talking Cate Foward or Konnie Halconari...

    That little exchange with Sonny on Monday's show after the Father's Day picnic when she analyzed him? She scared me 'seeing through' Sonny like that. She was like a well dressed, coiffed Hannibal Lecter. Remember how he analyzed Clarice Starling in 'Silence of The Lambs'? I got that vibe from her LOL!

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    Re: Cate Foward or Konnie Halconari...

    No way, imo, is Kate howard and Hannibal Lector anywhere near comparable. Yikes. I couldn't sleep for a week after seeing Silence Of The Lambs.

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    Post I love her "wonky eye" and all

    I love the way she gets under Carly's skin

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