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Thread: What's your "last straw"?

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    Re: What's your "last straw"?

    One more thing... lol.

    I think that once the decision comes to have an affair, the marriage has been over for some time. That is just a symptom.

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    Re: What's your "last straw"?

    I went from a rocky relationship to been single I joined a online dating site and now have a nice girlfriend overseas I have been to visit once and will be going back I wish I had done this years ago..happy chappy now

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    Re: What's your "last straw"?

    I was with my significant other for 9 years, 2 kids in and one prior to him. The deal breaker was me catching him talking to other women on the computer. There were many other straws in the mix that I pulled out and tossed to the side in hopes that no more straws would pop up... but sure enough they did. I rationalized each straw as I pulled it out of the stack...

    I think it all boiled down to me and my self confidence to face my biggest fear - being alone without a side support system, raising my kids without him by my side.

    I moved back home, 3 states away. The roughest year of my life followed that move but I can look back now and know I made the right decision with 0 regret now. The love is gone that I once had for him, to nothing and my life is dedicated to my kiddies. At the time of the breakup I didn't know how I was going to get through that... I never thought I would. I sit back and can't believe that I stayed in something 9 years that should have lasted less than a year! But God gave me 2 beautiful, smart girls from him!

    As far as the emotional and physical affairs; I've lived through both. neither were easy, both put a huge scar on my ego and my self esteem.

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    I feel both emotional and physical infidelity are just as bad simply because they're two different ways of cheating. So, any way you try to put it, both are at par in terms of damaging your spouse.

    Personally, however, the real deal-breaker for me in a marriage is abuse - physical, emotional, verbal, and mental. It's one of the biggest reasons for divorce, according to the article, and I don't see why not.


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