I went to see my hair color Goddess today. It had been way too long. And lo and behold, she has bought the shop that I frequent. That was a nice surprise. So now she's up-selling, good for her. And I bit on one thing. That would be something new from Redken, that I wish I could remember the correct name for. It's something like a "Chemistry Booster Enhancement Shot".
Anyway, it's a treatment they put on your hair, after color, in between the shampoo and conditioner. It's supposed to help your hair keep color longer and boost your shine. I'll let you all know if the "keep color longer" thing works, but I can attest to the shine boost right out of the shoot.
I am very hard on my hair what with blow drying and heat styling. Shine is something I have had a hard time with lately.
I am presently reflecting the sun off of my hair.
Too cool.
It was only an extra 15 bucks at my somewhat pricey hair place.
It might be available for less than that in other places.