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Thread: It;sfall time to get this board hopping again!

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    Hi everyone,
    How are you all doing? Busy summer season is over. Maybe we'll get more time to post here again.
    My family here is doing fine. But my family in Germany is having a few problems. My brother in law's brother died at the age of 50 of cancer.When the family went to the funeral my nephew and his wife came home to a water pipe break and a house full of water. They just bought the house and had renovated it and have to redo everything. They are expecting their first baby in december and now she is in the hospital with early contractions.
    My other nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby this week and he is in the hospital with blood poisoning on his arm and on IV antibiotics . Now he has to have surgery because the antibiotics don't work.
    And one of my nieces is in the hospital having surgery because she has a tumor on her uterus.
    So they have a lot to deal with right now and I hope that everyone is going to be ok. Sometimes it's real hard to be so far away from the family.
    i just hope that all of you are doing fine .

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    Oh my all this family in Germany? I hate to hear this. I hope things get better for all.
    I hope I get to post in here now. Seems we all have busy lives huh? I also will post more about our vacation/trip soon. But I've been working late and getting home really tired. I hope to catch up on the computer soon.

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    Well I guess we are all leading busy lives these days aren't we? Coffenut sorry to hear all of your family is having deaths and issues with surgery! I will pray for them all of course. And I pray all gets better for them soon! Any ways I'm sure that now the fall is here we can post more once in a while right? Well I will have time cause even though I have two jobs still not working as much as I would like too grr! Any ways keep in there and hope soon things work out for all of you!


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